Why Traveling To Iceland Is So Hot Right Now

Is it just us, or has Iceland suddenly become the world’s hottest travel destination? Iceland remained a fairly under-the-radar place to visit until recently. Now photos of friends’ recent trips to this chilly country seem to be blowing up our news feed and everyday more and more travelers are booking tickets. So what’s the deal?  Why has Iceland become such a popular place to visit? From gorgeous landscapes to friendly people, this country has a lot to offer. Here’s why Iceland is so hot right now.


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Mystical Landscapes

There’s a reason so many travelers are donning their ski jackets and bearing the cold. Tourists are drawn to Iceland because of its stunning natural beauty. The landscape is nothing short of mystical. The scenary promises an endless series of snow-covered volcanoes, mountains and ice fields. With a rugged, “other-worldly” terrain, the Nordic icy views are like nothing you’ll see in the rest of the world.


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Don’t Forget To Move readers will know how important responsible and sustainable travel is to us (if you don’t, read about our passion for it here). We love tour operators and hotels that focus on eco-friendly initiatives. Lucky for us, it’s not just a couple hotels, but the whole darn country that is eco-friendly! In fact, Iceland has the cleanest energy consumption in the world! The tourism board of Iceland is committed to keeping the environmental impact of tourism low by supporting tours, hotels and activities that protect the environment. Seriously, does it get any better?


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Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a childhood dream of mine. There’s something special about seeing such a spectacular show that is 100% natural. What makes them even more special is their elusiveness. The conditions have to be just right to witness this beautiful phenomenon, so the more time you have in Iceland, the better chance you’ll have of seeing them. Which is fine by us, I’m sure we can find plenty of things to do in Iceland to entertain ourselves!


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Blue Lagoon

One of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions is the Blue Lagoon, and rightly so. This geothermal spa is filled with mineral enriched water that exfoliates the skin. There’s also a waterfall that spits heated water, and standing underneath it feels like a warm massage. To be fair, we’ve heard mixed reviews including complaints about long lines, crowded water and overpriced admission. But as Lonely Planet says, visiting Iceland and not seeing the Blue Lagoon is like going to Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower. You really can’t miss it.


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Road Tripping

When you think of traveling around Iceland, you may not imagine doing it on a road trip. But Iceland self-drive tours are super popular. The 830-mile Ring Road circles the whole country and hits popular stops along the way. The best part of an Icelandic road trip is being able to stop whenever you find a landscape particularly breathtaking. In the summer the sun shines until midnight, leaving you will plenty of daylight to explore your surroundings. If you’re not sure about taking a road trip in Iceland, then you can still experience the country with the many amazing Iceland tours on offer!


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If you need a little action to break up those quiet, scenic drives, Reykjavik is the spot to be. It may be small, but this northernmost capital city is packed with restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and more. A super walkable city, Reykjavik has plenty to do for budget travelers including free activities like checking out the local street art or enjoying the parks. This hip little city seems like the perfect spot to kick back for a few days and experience life like a local.

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  1. All good reasons to visit and love Iceland — but as far as whether one destination blows up or not – it’s also the commitment of a good marketing campaign. That Backpacker has a really good post about her decision to take a Safari trip in South Africa, after seeing scores of other bloggers writing about it (due to press trips). As long as press trips are done well, they really do pay off 🙂

    • Definitely Jenia. And Iceland has done a great marketing campaign, I wish we had been a part of it! I’ll check out That Backpacker’s post. South Africa is definitely a spot we’d like to check out. Thank’s for commenting!

  2. Thanks for the information. I have already planned a trip to Iceland with my friends, we will definitely go for this trip to Iceland soon,


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