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Formed in early 2014, the Under 1000 Club is now one of the best Facebook networking group for beginner and aspiring travel bloggers who are trying to grow their blogs, reach a greater audience and achieve many other goals. Each week we provide opportunities to interact with fellow travel bloggers from all over the world. As well as being able to meet lots of other fantastic bloggers, you’ll also get to an insight into the travel blogging industry, identify areas for improvement and learn the skills you’ll need to help you grow.

SEO (How to Rank 1st on Google, KeyWord Research, Tips and Tricks)

Social Media (Strategy, Automating, Building Numbers)

Travel Photography (Capturing and Editing)

Pitching Travel Companies and Brands

Email Marketing and List Building

And More…

First thing we’d like you to do before joining the group is to complete a small survey about your current situation as a travel blogger. It only takes 5 minutes and will help us gather important information to make this group better. You can complete the survey anonymously,  but doing so makes it harder for us to reach out and help you with your needs.


Under 1000 Club Survey by SurveyMonkey

Once you’ve completed the survey please put a request in to join the group and message me (Jules) with the name and URL of your blog to request approval.

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One of the greatest things about the Under 1000 Club has been the opportunity for many beginner travel bloggers to connect with likeminded people who are dealing with the same challenges in their quest to grow. Connecting, asking questions and sharing information is a fantastic way for any blogger to feel like ‘you’re not in this alone’. It’s also a great way to share resources and help each other grow together.

In order to encourage more aspiring travel bloggers to join the group we’ve created this fun graphic for you to display on your website. By showing this graphic on your blog you will encourage more travel bloggers to join the Under 1000 Club and share their knowledge with the group… which will ultimately help you in the! Simply copy the code before the graphic into a widget or text box to get an easy display.

For everyone member that adds the badge to their page we’ll give you a personal shoutout on our Twitter account to over 75,000 followers! Just send us a message when you’ve got the badge up so we know.

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