4 Tools To Keep You Organized On The Road

Anyone who has traveled knows how quickly even the most organized suitcases can go awry. By the end of the trip our bags look like small bombs have exploded inside of them, with clothes, toiletries and electronics mixed into one big clump. Slowly over the years, we’ve learned the key to keeping your bags organized: organization tools. There are some fantastic tools on the market that are perfectly designed to keep all of your travel accessories in their correct place. Here are our favorite travel organization tools:


1. ORGO 


ORGO Travel organization tools


This handy accessory is perfect for keeping all your small stuff in a neat container. The compact case is filled with pockets, zips and compartments to fit your items. Personally, I plan on using mine for my toiletries and makeup (goodbye messy makeup bag crammed with stuff!) The best part (ladies are going to love this) is that the sides slide out and it fits perfectly over a sink. That means you can do your skincare and makeup routine without having to worry about losing your favorite eyeliner down the drain. You’re also left with more valuable counter space which can be hard to come by in cramped hotel bathrooms. Here’s how it works: You unsnap two buttons on the side, slide open to fit the sink area and then use all your goodies!

ORGO isn’t just for makeup lovers; it can be used for lots of different items. Art supplies, toiletries, electronics. One feature we love about the case is that the dividers can be taken out and rearranged to fit your items. It really does have endless possibilities! ORGO is also compact enough so that it barely takes up any room in your suitcase. You can easily pack clothes around it and zip up your bag without having to have someone stand on it. Finally you can get rid of your bulky organizers and have something that actually fits conveniently in your suitcase!


2. Packing cells


If you’re packing for longer than a week, these are life savers. Packing cells make it easy to separate and organize clothes so you don’t have to destroy your bag just to pull out that one pair of pants you need. The cells come in different sizes and are perfect for separating tops, bottoms, underwear, socks and whatever else you may be bringing. The mesh material on the top makes it easy to peek inside and see where everything is. They’re super lightweight so they won’t push you over the weight maximum on airplanes.


3. Cable organizers


Anyone who travels with gadgets and gizmos is familiar with tangled cables. Between our laptops, cameras, cell phones, e-readers and headphones, we’ve easily got a dozen cords roaming freely around our bags. Inevitably, they all seem to find each other and form some sort of cord super knot. The best way to avoid hours of untangling is to use cable organizers. These can come in different shapes and sizes, from small spools to wrap your cords around to snap ties that keep cables in place. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be glad that you invested in something to keep your pesky cables organized.


4. Passport holder


A small passport holder may not seem like a crucial item for staying organized on the road, but it can really be a lifesaver. Protecting your passport is important. After years of traveling without one, my passport was so banged up that it wouldn’t scan and I was also forced to go to a special immigration desk every time I entered a new country. Not fun. A good holder will protect your passport, as well as have extra slots for important documents like your itinerary, boarding pass or credit cards.


Organizers may not be the most exciting things you pack on your travels, but they can be absolute life savers. Traveling can be stressful enough, there’s no reason to add to that stress with a messy bag. With ORGO, packing cells and the other items on this list you’ll feel prepared before you leave, so you can focus more time on finding the best experiences during your travels and less on finding your toothbrush.

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