5 reasons to backpack mexico

Top 5 Reasons to Backpack Mexico

Top 5 Reasons to Backpack Mexico

Top 5 reasons to backpack Mexico…. Only 5?! We could easily give you 50! Even after 6 months of dragging our tattered backpacks around Mexico it still feels like we only scratched the surface. Mexico, a country rich with both cultural history and contemporary traditions, is a must see location with anyone keen on backpacking through Latin America



Delicious Food

Look beyond what you think might be classical Mexican food in tacos, nachos and burritos (not that they alone aren’t delicious); Mexico has so much more to offer. From the fancy restaurants of the cities to the tiny street vendors all over country, the selection of choices in Mexico is mouth-wateringly massive. Of course there’s lots of corn based products, cheese and deep-frying, but there’s also a lot of fresh veg products on offer for the health conscious travelers out there.

Check out of our personal favorites; sopes, bombas, elotes and quesedillas!




The Coast

Who wouldn’t like to kick it on the Pacific Coast for a couple of months doing nothing but surfing, catching rays, eating fresh seafood and drinking cocktails? Luckily for you it’s totally possible in Mexico! And you don’t have to spend a fortune making it happen. If you can travel in the quieter months you’ll score a cheap beach rental and be able to make your dream a reality! Tap into your inner beach bum and pack that bag today.

Mexico’s coast is also home to a number of wicked surf spots, so if you’re up for a wave don’t forget to pack your board. They vary in level of difficulty so there’s always something for everyone.




Lucha Libre

Pack your spandex and Lucha Libre mask, it’s show time! Wrestling is at the heart of Mexican culture, with its awesomely terrible acting, corny story lines and epic rivalries. Catch weekly shows in the capital and believe us, you won’t be disappointed. Mexico City puts on a wicked show of lights, music and atmosphere to make it a certain show stopper. Otherwise jump at any opportunity to watch it around the country. It almost gets better the poorer the production.


The Ruins

Aztec, Mayan, coast, desert or jungle; take your pick with Mexico’s selection of ancient ruins. Take an Indiana Jones-like trek through the jungle of Palenque, scale the heights of Tenochtitlan or cruise though the coastal remains at Tulum. Each set of ruins tells their own unique story of Mexican heritage and history.




The Capital

Forget Man on Fire’s portrayal of Mexico City, where kidnappings and police corruption run riot, the country’s capital is fast becoming a booming hub of culture, art, music and nightlife. With an exceptional public transport system (that costs next to nothing) you can jet around the city and check out all the amazing sites with ease. Be sure to check out the Museum of Anthropology, the historical plazas of the city center and cultural sites like Frida Kahlo’s house and the Diego Rivera murals, just to name a few.



Think we missed something? What else would you add to the list?


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Julian Hatfield

Jules is an avid traveler, community development worker and a surfing addict. He's spent the past four years working in non-profits throughout Latin America and Southeast Asia, with a lot of island pit-stops and wild adventures along the way. Adventure travel that respects and gives back to local culture and environment is his main priority...and Mexican food. Wanna know more?

23 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Backpack Mexico”

  1. Looks awesome! Glad to hear it’s not all fried food and corn-based products too, that alone is enough of a reason for my to want to travel there :p

  2. The friendly people!
    The beautiful small colonial towns.
    The mild climate in most parts of the country.
    That it’s cheap (by South American standards).
    The variety of landscapes.

    Biggest minus: the trash along the roads, particularly rural roads.

  3. Wonderful piece, and incredibly convincing. You make it sound like a fantastic place to go and I am tempted (though not sure about backpacking with the kids!)

  4. I love Mexico! I lived there for 2 years and absolutely loved the people, culture and most of all the food! Great post and super reason to get out and travel Mexico – the ruins were always my fave – especially Tulm sitting right on the water! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Sí sí sí! Mexico City is reason enough, even Lucha Libre and fantastic public transit aside. It’s ENORMOUS with a great international vibe and something to do for everyone. I meant to take a three-week break when I arrived here in February and ended up spending the whole rainy season here!

    Also don’t forget to check out the ‘pueblos magicos’ (magical villages) sprinkled all over the country and eat in traditional fondas!

    1. Yes Mexico has that kind of pull! We’ve got plans to go back there early next year because it’s just such an amazing spot! Loved Mexico City, but our heart is on the Pacific coast! Glad you’ve been having fun!

  6. Completely agree with you! Mexico is a wonderful destination. I’ve spent only 2 weeks in Mexico, but I am planning to return, to spend there at least a month, or even more. When someone asks me what I like about the country, I just say – everything. 😀

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