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Our Summer Melbourne Bucket List

Holy moly, guys. Is it already mid November?! But you now what that mean… Summer is coming! During our times spent in Melbourne we always have a such an amazing time exploring the city, especially during summer. While we really enjoy traveling around the world, taking any incredible places everywhere we go, there’s still nothing like a summer in Melbourne. The sun is out (unless you get some crazy unpredictable Melbourne weather), the festivals are pumping and the city comes alive with classic Melbourne diversity in art, culture and music.

If you’re planning a trip to Melbourne over the summer then you can’t miss the opportunity to visit some of these iconic destinations along the way. With a little something for everyone, here’s our top summer Melbourne travel guide.


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Luna Park

Luna Park- The clown face entrance to this St. Kilda amusement park is almost as recognizable as the Sydney Opera House, at least to locals. Just opposite the beach, this classic theme park was built in 1912. Most of the original rides have been replaced, but the old school look and feel has been kept the same. The park is home to the oldest continually operating rollercoaster in the world, the Scenic Railway. Even if coasters aren’t your thing, the entrance is free and I’ve heard its definitely worth an explore on a warm summer night. It’s also in the ever entertaining area of St. Kilda, where there’s never any shortage of cafes, bars and delicious deserts to sample.


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Great Ocean Road

If there’s one sight you can’t miss while visiting Melbourne, it’s this one. Not unlike the Pacific Coast Highway in California, the Great Ocean Road is a beautiful road trip along the south coast of Australia. There’s lots of sights to stop off along the way, including the Cape Otway Lighthouse and a bunch of cute little coastal towns to stop for lunch or a walk. If you’re thinking of planning a trip down this famous road we recommend taking a few days out to really see the sights. It just so happens that we’ve created the perfect Great Ocean Road itinerary to get you started!


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The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is probably the most popular stop along the Great Ocean Road. They’re a series of huge limestone rocks dramatically jutting out the sea. The view from the cliffs is absolutely stunning. Apparently there’s only 8 left, and were actually only 9 to begin with, so moral of the story is that Australians can’t count.


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You Yangs

Jules has been suggesting we check out this hike for ages, but I’ve been putting it off; I really have to be in the right mood to hike (yes I’m a bit lazy). But I’m determined we check it out before we leave because it does look really breathtaking. This a beautiful park for walking the trials, mountain biking and seeing wildlife. Watching koalas snooze away in the eucalyptus? Yes please!


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Wilson’s Promontory

Neither Jules nor I have been here yet, but it’s been recommended to us by tons of locals. Checking out photos of Wilson’s Prom seriously makes me want to jump in the car and head there immediately. Despite being super popular with tourists, this park has been immaculately preserved. The natural vegetation, wildlife and gorgeous views of the oceans are exactly what I picture when I imagine Australia.


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Royal Botanical Gardens

These gardens are meant to be a peaceful paradise in the middle of urban Melbourne. I imagine this is a great spot to feel like you’re getting out of the hectic busy-ness of the city, while actually staying right in the heart of it. I can’t wait to explore the park, take in the stunning lake and chill out with a picnic lunch on a warm afternoon.


Did we miss any Melbourne must-sees? What should we add to our summer Melbourne bucket list? Drop us a comment below or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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      1. I remember them, the tiniest penguins ever! So cute and not easy to spot them! Went to Philip island as well but there were so many people waiting to see them that felt like going to the zoo so we decided against it!

  1. And here I thought I’d really explored Melbourne. Definitely agree with Luna Park, The Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles, but oh my god why didn’t I know about the You Yangs and Wilson’s Promontory? We could see the Botanical Gardens from my friends balcony at SouthBank, and it did look gorgeous, even in the winter. I remember visiting Philip Island years ago, and I’m kicking myself for not knowing that St. Kilda had penguins too! Oh well, at least I know i’ll be coming back to Melbourne sometime for sure!

    1. There’s always things you miss when you visit somewhere but like you said, it gives you a reason to go back! Even in our whole year in Melbourne we still have missed a lot on our bucket list. We only have 2 weeks left now but are hoping to make it to the Botanical Gardens this weekend. Hopefully the crazy Melbourne weather gods bless us with some sunshine!

  2. Oh Dear! I’ve been to Melbs a bunch of times and haven’t done any of these things. It’s the problem with being Australian – you never visit your own backyard. Think I need to add these to my MUST VISIT list for next time I’m home in the land of Oz.

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