Stylish Travel Clothes You’ll Actually Want to Wear

If you’re a traveler, you’ve probably faced the same dilemma that we often do – what to wear while traveling! Traditionally travel clothes have been…. well, ugly! No offense if you love your toe shoes and zip off shorts/pants combination. But it’s 2021, the future is here and we deserve stylish travel clothes!

Forget about the oversized sweater with the built-in money belt that your grandma bought you from the Home Shopping Network. We’ve finally found a brand that makes stylish travel clothes. Hallelujah! *cue angels singing down from the heavens*

comfortable travel clothes


Introducing: Bluffworks. Bluffworks is all about versatile, stylish and comfortable clothes that you can wear pretty much anywhere. Because these days, travel isn’t just about flying to a destination, taking a 5 day trek and then heading home. If your travel style is anything like ours, you’re probably doing a mix of outdoor adventures, exploring cities, maybe some fine dining and probably chilling out a bit as well. Bluffworks has created a line of travel clothes that check all those boxes.

And we hate to be those bloggers, but these clothes look pretty swanky on Instagram as well! Bluffworks was started by a bonafide adventure traveler, and their HQ is located in New York City. The whole idea behind the brand was to create clothes that you can wear traveling through Vietnam AND strolling through Central Park. So without further ado, we’re going to share some of our favorite pieces from the women’s and men’s lines.


fashionable travel clothes

Travel Clothes for Women

Let’s talk about the women’s line first. While women’s travel clothes have seen a slight improvement in style in recent years, it’s still pretty obvious that they are travel clothes. I.e. clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in back at home. Luckily, Bluffworks has figured out how to keep the style of your favorite pieces, while incorporating hidden additions that make travel easier. These clothes will become staples in your closet both when you’re traveling and when you’re not.


best travel clothes women


Azores Blouse

Let’s start with the Azores Blouse. This lightweight, slightly stretchy blouse is super comfy. It looks and feels like silk; no one will know that it’s actually wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking fabric that you can totally throw into a washing machine. All the luxe, without any of the fuss. The blouse has two pockets on the chest with buttons, easy to stash a card or some cash into safely. And you know those annoying buttons on the cuff of most blouses that are impossible to button with one hand? Bluffworks has done away with those completely. Instead, the cuff has elastic, making it super easy to push up the sleeves if you want to get your hands dirty (or at least if you’re chowing down on a margherita pizza in Rome). 


stylish travel clothes


Bluffworks has also added a longer hem in the back, which gives you more coverage and makes it much less likely for any “bend over and reveal your undies” situation. And get this – they’ve added an extra snap in between the two buttons on the chest, so you don’t get that awkward gap between the buttons. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!

This blouse is super chic and comfortable. It would be perfect for a lunch date by the Eiffel Tower, or to keep covered up while exploring the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


Comfortable Travel Pants: The Trevi Pants

Next up, the Trevi Pants. These stylish pants are so sleek and tailored; you would never know that there are 8 strategically placed pockets. Finally, pants for women that can actually carry our stuff! Where are these secret pockets, you make ask. Great question! There are two hidden in the waistband, the front pocket on the left has a secret place to stash your phone, and the front pocket on the right has a small zippered pocket inside. And on the back, there are two concealed zippered pockets. Boom!


stylish travel pants women


The pants fall to your ankle, but can be rolled up thanks to an adjustable hem. Having versatile clothes, like these pants, is the key to packing light. And unless you travel with a sherpa who lugs your suitcases everywhere, you’ll want to be packing light. The Trevi pants are made from all-season twill fabric, which is wrinkle resistant and has odor control, perfect for stepping off a red eye flight looking and feeling refreshed! Of course, they’re moisture wicking and machine washable as well!

What I love about these pants is that you can dress them down with Bluffwork’s women’s Threshold T-shirt (so comfy) for a day of exploring. Or dress them up with the Azores Blouse if you have a special occasion. Even if you’re planning on backpacking around, you never know when you may want to dress up. On our way down to backpack through Mexico we met the head of a non-profit we wanted to work with, and ended up scheduling a meeting during our trip. It would have been so helpful to have a pair of the Trevi pants, instead of my black leggings I had to pass off as business casual.


Best Travel Dress: The Trevi Dress

And last, but certainly not least, the Trevi dress. I probably sound dramatic when I say that this dress is a revelation, but it is! I’ve seen a few “travel dresses” on the market, but nothing as chic and pretty as this. First off, I’m in love with dark crimson color. It’s brighter than I expected, but it really pops and I can’t wait to wear it over the holidays. You’ll be seeing this dress on our Instagram account quite a bit in the future.


best travel dress women


But it also has the function to match the fashion. Every girl likes a dress with pockets, and this one has six of them! They’re strategically hidden so you don’t look like you’re wearing a dress made out of cargo pants. There’s even a hidden zippered pocket in the side seam near your arm that would be a perfect place to stash some emergency cash.

And you no longer have to worry about your bra straps showing. The dress has snaps under the shoulders to keep your straps secure. Told you they’ve thought of everything!


best travel clothes stylish


Travel Clothes for Men

And now on to the men’s line. Men might have it a bit easier in that most of their clothing already comes with pockets and zips, but they still want to look stylish. Bluffworks takes a modern look at the traditional pants, jeans, shirts and tees and adds their personal flare, functionality and style. These were Jules’ favorite pieces:


Zenith Dress Shirt

This travel dress shirt looks like a standard button down, but it’s so much easier to care for than your standard men’s dress shirt. It’s machine washable, wrinkle resistant and made of a comfortable stretch weave fabric. It’s also moisture wicking and has odor control, which is perfect for salsa dancing during those humid Colombian nights.

Not only does it have a ton of great qualities for a travel shirt, but it actually looks stylish! The Zenith Dress Shirt can be matched with some jeans or chinos if you want to look sharp, or even some shorts on a nice summer day.


button down travel shirt men


They’ve even added little secret buttons underneath the collar to keep it from flying up. Jules loves that this shirt is comfortable enough to wear while climbing ancient ruins, but smart enough to step into a business meeting. He also loves that you can choose between a classic or slim fit.


Ascender Chinos

Every guy needs a pair of chinos in their life, and this might be your new favorite pair! First off, they are surprisingly stretchy. The waistband looks like a classic Chino, with the button, zipper and belt loops. It has a special stretch waistband, perfect for if you’ve had one too many tacos in Mexico!

Depending on your style you can go for a tailored fit or a regular fit to give you a little more breathing room, but even the tailored fit doesn’t restrict you too much thanks to the stretchy polyester material. When it comes to practicality for travel the Ascender Chinos have 10 total pockets! That’s right, 10! Including two pockets for your phone and three secret anti-theft zipper pockets. With these chinos you’ll not only look stylish, but you’ll also travel confidently knowing your pockets are protected.


travel pants for men


The Ascender Chinos look great dressed down with a pain, but incredibly comfortable, men’s Threshold T-Shirt or dressed up with the Zenith Dress Shirt. They come in five different colors and are also wrinkle resistant for those days on the road where you don’t have time to iron!


Best Travel Jeans: Departure Jeans

If chinos aren’t your jam then check out the Departure Jeans for equally impressive men’s travel pants that offer practicality, durability and just look plain good! Like the chinos the Departure Jeans have ten pockets, with three anti-theft, concealed pockets. The jeans are made up primarily of Cotton (68%) and COOLMAX poleyster (22%) to provide stretchy, breathable jeans.

 Coming in both a slim fit and regular fit means you can choose how you prefer your cut. The Departure Jeans can be dressed up with a shirt or worn casually with a t-shirt. Tackle your travels head on with stylish travel jeans that are ready for action!


stylish travel jeans men


There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Finally a travel clothing line that has both the durability to last your craziest adventures, and the style to keep you looking fresh. We chose our favorite pieces from the men’s and women’s lines, but Bluffworks has much more to choose from. Head over to their site and let us know what you think!

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