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As full time travelers, we’re often asked for recommendations and suggestions for what to see, do and experience all over the world. We’re asked about the best restaurants in Cuba, the best bars in Rome, the best tours in Budapest. And while we’re more than happy to share our favorite places around the world with friends and family, it’s not always that easy.

Unless we’re writing about a specific location for our blog, those favorite places are usually pushed out of our memories as we keep traveling. We’ve tried to organize our lists on notebooks, websites and apps, but nothing has been easy enough to record and keep our ‘favorites’ lists in one easy place. Enter: Localini. This new app helps you record and organize lists of your favorite places around the world. It makes it super easy to share with friends and family interested in learning about your trip or visiting themselves! Here are some of the features we love about Localini:


best spots around the world


1. The Creativity

With Localini you’re not limited to “# Places to Eat in X City.” You can create a list of anything you want! Browsing other people’s list is a great way to plan a trip while thinking outside of the box. Here are some of our favorite unique lists: “Top 10 Dog-friendly restaurants in SF”, “Best Place to Shoot a Viral Video in NYC” and “Where To Find The Perfect Muffuletta in New Orleans” (what’s a muffuletta? We’re not sure, but you can bet we’re gonna find out!) The creativity of these lists allows you to share your favorite quirky places around the world, and to learn about random spots you’d never think to visit.


2. You Can Follow Your Favorite “Tastemakers”

When you’re sharing your Localini lists, you’re not limited to just sending them directly to your best friend or favorite aunt. Trendy “tastemakers” like Thrillist and Refinery 29 are already jumping on the Localini bandwagon! It’s really fun to enter the city that you’re visiting and see what pops up! These lists are a great place to start your trip planning.


best places around the world


Heading to New York? Check out Thrillist’s “Every Food You Need To eat in NYC Before Summer’s Over.” Planning a trip to New Orleans? The Culture Trip has you covered with their list of “The 5 Best Places for Fried Chicken in New Orleans.” You can follow these accounts so you never miss new lists that they put out. What’s even better, you can comment to let them know when you loved a place they recommended, or to tell them about a new spot they left off the list!


3. You Can Explore New Places in Your Hometown

Even if you’re not planning a trip any time soon, Localini can help you discover new spots in your own city. It gets boring going to the same restaurants and bars all the time. Why not try being a tourist in your own town and find recommendations from other locals and travelers? Checking out lists from tourists visiting your city for the first time can help you see your hometown through new eyes.


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4. It Can Help you Decide Where to Go

Not every list is location specific. Trip Advisor’s list “2017 Traveler’s Choice- World Hotels” has compiled their users favorite hotels from around the world and put them in an easy to read list. If you’re planning a trip but still not sure where to visit, lists like this can be incredibly helpful. With photos, locations and a link to Google reviews, it’s easy to continue researching if you want to learn more. 


top recommendations around the world


5. The Maps Feature Makes it Super Easy

Forget trying to read your cousin’s scribbled map explaining where his favorite burrito spot in LA is. Localini syncs up to Google Maps on your phone and can give you detailed directions to anywhere on the list! Let’s face it, when you travel, Google Maps is a godsend. It’s saved our butts many time when we’ve started to wander into the wrong part of town. Being able to get directions to anywhere on your list makes it so much easier for yourself and travel friends you’re sharing your lists with.


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6. It’s Not Just Travel

Yes, we’re travel-obsessed so we mostly use Localini for travel-related places, but the lists could really focus around any interests. Refinery29’s “Festival-worthy Dresses Under $100” or “Awesome Buys To Start The Month” are perfect for those of us that prefer to spend their money on dope new clothes for the summer rather than a vacation. You could use the app to find the best gyms in your area, or to compile a list of your favorite cafes to work from. The limits are endless!

Download the Localini app and let us know what your favorite feature is!

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