Our Favorite Black and White Travel Photos

In this photography gallery we showcase a collection of our favorite black and white travel photos. All these pictures have been taken by either Christine or myself along our travels and represent a special moment and memory of our journey. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 


black and white travel photos

Rescued monkey | Amazon Animal Orphanage | Iquitos, Peru


black and white travel photos

Unknown man | San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico


black and white travel photos

Sunday shopping| Chichicastenango, Guatemala


black and white travel photos

Working the fields | Tres Puentes, Chiapas, Mexico


white and black travel photos

Abandoned boat | Cabo de la Vela, Colombia


white and black travel photos

Pack mule | Bogota, Colombia


white and black travel photos

Bridge into the darkness | Minca, Colombia


black and white travel photos

Rescued jaguar | Amazon Animal Orphanage | Iquitos, Peru


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Also, if you would like to purchase any of these photos, or use them for commercial gain please get in contact with us first. All rights reserved under copyright of Don’t Forget To Move.



12 thoughts on “Our Favorite Black and White Travel Photos”

  1. Incredible photos! I find that when I change my pics to B/W, I look at the pic in a completely different way. Like that contrast of the horsehair on your pic above. I think if it was in color, I would not pay that much attention to that.

    Keep up inspiring others to live a different kind of life.

    • Thanks for the lovely comments! We know exactly what you mean about the B/W photos adding a different element. I’ve found great some real great shots in the color versions i wasn’t happy with, and then suddenly turned them to B/W. Guess you just got to play around with them a bit. Safe travels 🙂

  2. I personally think the subject for black and white photos need to be chosen beforehand. Converting any photo to black and white wont have that impact. Whatever might be the case here, the photos look great and perfect as BnW. Loved the shots!

    • I think in some cases this might be true, but it’s always better to shoot in color because it’s easy enough to change to B/W. Some shots i’ve taken in color and not liked them as much so swapped them to B/W. I think it just depends on the picture.

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