One Day in Miami: Travel Itinerary

Limber up, get sufficiently caffeinated and strap yourself in… has asked me to share my ‘One Day in Miami’ itinerary and it’s going to be one hell of a ride. They’ll be ups, downs; some wet and some wild. If you suffer from any preexisting injury, heart disease or pregnancy please proceed with caution. Use handrails and drink water. Or don’t, whatever… Let’s go!

Beach Life

What day in Miami would be complete without soaking up the rays on the beach? I’d recommend heading to South Beach with all the essentials for some quality people watching opportunities. If you don’t have your own chairs or towel, these can be hired on arrival. South Beach is very well kept, clean and has dreamy warm waters. It’s a safe spot to park up for a few hours and watch the sun come up.

The beach is lined with a number of restaurants and food vendors depending on your taste or budget. The white sands run for 2.5 miles, you could easily fill a whole day here with the numerous Miami water sports on offer. 


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Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Miami

With just one day to fill your boots with Miami goodness, it’s a smart move to start early and set the day up for success. A stand up paddle board session is just the way to do it. The calm and sparkly clear waters make it a fantastic place for a SUP, whether you are beginner or beyond.

You’ll be able to find SUP rentals on South Beach, as mentioned before, as this is one of the most popular spots. You’ll be joined by other SUPers and kayakers, and maybe the odd manatee or dolphin will pass by. There are a number of rental options here as well as schools offering instruction for the less confident folks out there. 

With paddle boarding being such an accessible sport (you can do it pretty much anywhere), there are options available at near enough any beach you choose to go to. This allows you to get out with an early start and enjoy a moment of peace before the day ahead. 


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Miami Sailing and Boat Cruises

A great way to tour the cityscape is from a sailboat. You’ll be taken from bay to bay, taking in the hustle and bustle of the city from a safe and relaxing distance. Sailing Adventures Miami offer 2 hour, 4 hour and full day cruises from Biscayne Bay and around the surrounding area. You can head out during the day or take a romantic sunset cruise on their ship Good Karma. They’ll anchor up at some snorkel sites where you can use the ships swim platform to easily get in and out of the water.

If sailing isn’t fast paced enough for you, then maybe another of Miami’s water activities will take your fancy – speed boats. Thriller Miami is as Miami Vice as it gets. This power catamaran takes you on a 45minute – 3 hour whirlwind adventure, blasting you a distance x3 further than any competing vessels can cover. Perfect for those with just a day to see as much as possible… You’ll come out of warp-speed around the millionaire’s row, where some mega mansions can be oogled over.

Remember the safety warning at the start of this article? Please refer to that when considering this tour. If anything I hope makes you want to do it even more!


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Miami Arts Murals

Miami is the cultural, arts and entertainment center of South Florida. Nothing encompasses this more so than the Wynwood Walls. This is an outdoor museum of international street art open to the public, free of charge. It has been spoken of as the best place in the entire world to see pieces from leading street artists, all in one place. 

There are a few different sections, with a large open grass space to chill out and take it all in. A number of galleries can also be found here if you wanted to pick up a piece to take home. 

Wynwood is of course not the only place to view some incredible street art. Pieces can be found all over the city, with Miami Design District being a great place to wander about. By their very nature, street art is constantly moving and ever-changing, so be sure to keep your eyes open whereever you go. You may find some hidden gems. 

The Design District itself is an area dedicated to leading architecture, fashion, design and fine dining. This high end style spot is full of eye candy. Take yourself on a self guided photo tour and treat yourself to a shamancy dinner. A number of events are run here so be sure to check out their website for the calendar.


Miami art and graffiti murals


Museums & Galleries in Miami

Free Miami Museums

Lik Miami is the showcase of fine art photographer Peter Lik. The truly mesmerizing photographs of nature and landscape are best described as soul food. The gallery is that of just one person, so it is of course not huge. It does however update the works regularly and is well worth a walk through for a lesson in light. The gallery can be found on Miami Beach.

If you’re looking for free museums in Miami, The Institute of Contemporary Art is another great spot. Here, you’ll be able to get weird and wonderful by exploring some experimental pieces from the contemporary art world. The gallery holds work from up and comers, local artists and emerging talents. The exhibitions are ever changing and is a unique and free place to spend an hour or two. 

Admission Fee

If you are happy to spend some money on a museum visit, then get ready for a real Miami adventure by visiting the World Erotic Art Museum. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s safe to include any photos here because it is mostly various forms and styles of penises. Big ones. Small ones. Some with glitter on them and some going into things. Some things don’t look like penises but then they actually re penises if you just look from a different angle. You get the idea… Seems like an entertaining evening and has some date night potential if you are looking for cheeky night time inspiration. 

A slightly more PG option is the Perez Art Museum Miami. This is Miami’s flagship art museum and for that reason is well worth the $10-$15 entry price. Most museums have a ‘free day’ once a month, so have a look online for that to see if the dates fall into place for you. PAMM is full of pieces from various styles; contemporary, modern and sculptures. The exhibitions really show off what Miami is about, its mix of cultures and boasts its location as a crossroads of the Americas. 


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It is possible to join a free yoga class every single day of the week. Every. Single. Day.

This can be found at Bayfront Park, Biscayne Bay, Kennedy Park and Margaret Pace Park in Downtown, depending on which day you have available. With such a jam packed, busy day in Miami – it’s worth taking a few moments for yourself. A chance to collect your thoughts and remind yourself of how much you have experienced or about to experience on this day!


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Ocean Drive 

When I think about Miami, an image conjures up in my head. Fast cars, electric colors, open shirts and that certain style of beach life glamor that you don’t get in any regular beach town. All that can be found on Ocean Drive.

Once the sun’s gone down, put on your party shoes and strut on over. Perch up on a street facing bar with a cocktail and enjoy some of the finest people watching in Miami. Many a movie has been filmed here, so you may get that strange feeling of recognizing a place you’ve never been to before. Some of the trendiest restaurants are found here, the same goes for the bars and clubs. 

There are a number of cool boutique hotels along Ocean Drive. You’ll find all the options right here, as well as a full list of hotels in Miami. 


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