Our Bed Bucketlist: 7 Of The Most Amazing Places To Sleep In The World

So far our travels have seen us sleeping in many dirty hostels, a couple couches and even an airport floor. Our backpacker’s budget doesn’t stretch far enough to cover any of these amazing places but someday we might just find ourselves knocking these off our bucketlist. Until then, a girl can dream!


most incredible places to sleep

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International Highline Meeting– Italy

Not quite a hotel, but an undeniably incredible sleeping experience nonetheless. We’re not sure we’d actually have the balls to even get in the hammock, let alone have a decent night sleep. Especially for a sleepwalker, like myself, this could be disaster! Still, you wouldn’t be able to beat that view in any other bed.


most incredible places to sleep

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Hotel Kakslauttanen– Finland

You know that tropical beach destination trip you’ve been daydreaming about? The one where you’re baking in the sun, margarita in hand? This is pretty much the opposite. You’ll want to bundle up before checking into your own private igloo. Don’t worry, each room is insulated to keep you cozy while star-gazing or, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of the Northern Lights. This one tops our bucketlist.


most incredible places to sleep

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Het Arresthuis– The Netherlands

Before you start imagining the cold confines of Alcatraz, this renovated hotel prison provides luxury while being behind bars. The halls still very much look like a jail but the cells have been tricked out and turned into lush rooms. You can participate in a jail-house dinner and even get decked out in a prisoner’s uniform.


most incredible places to sleep

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High Ropes Forest– Germany

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen this enchanting photo kicking around the internet. Like me, you might have thought that this was some beautifully dreamt up fantasy, the work of a creative Photoshop expert. But I am happy to announce that this is not only real, but also open to the public! Reserve your own private tent and enjoy the view!


most incredible places to sleep

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Costa Verde Hotel– Costa Rica

If you have a phobia of plane crashes, I’d probably skip this one. Otherwise, what cooler place to sleep than inside of a real jumbo jet? The plane has been placed among the trees (it didn’t crash there) and decked out to accommodate two gorgeous bedrooms.


most incredible places to sleep

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Poseidon Resorts– Fiji

This five-star hotel is the world’s first underwater resort. Located on a private island in Fiji, this uber-luxury accommodation has all the amenities you’d ever want in a resort. But if we could ever in a million years afford to stay here, I think I’d just spend hours in my room watching the marine world go by.


Have you slept somewhere truly spectacular? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

32 thoughts on “Our Bed Bucketlist: 7 Of The Most Amazing Places To Sleep In The World”

  1. Ok, that’s a unique bucket list..! I’m looking forward to reading a future post of one of these unique sleeping experiences. I’d totally do the one in Fiji and Finland (not only because both start with Fi..:))

  2. The quirkiest place we have stayed in was in Waitomo in New Zealand called Woodlyn Park. You have a choice of staying in a Hobbit house (which we did), a plane, a large boat or a train. Great fun and a beautiful part of the country

  3. I just can’t get my head around the Prison-room hype that has been going on for a while now??? I mean what the heck? There is something i find twisted in using a place of harshness, horror stories and human lowlife into a “cosy” place to sleep. Anything for the buzz i guess, you gotta make facebook noise to exist these days but i certainly wouldn’t try it, no matter the price.

    The others are totally cool though nad something coming out of a dream. I could never do the hammock thing, i move around too much in my sleep but i wouldnt mind giving the tent thing in Germany a try, there must be enough space to keep me safe. Looks so romantic too.

    • Yea, its pretty crazy, huh? The weirdest one has to be San Pedro prison in Bolivia where you can actually spend a night in a running prison! So crazy! And the tent in Germany definitely looks romantic! It would be the perfect place to spend an anniversary, watching the sun go down from the trees!

  4. Ah yes! I’ve seen a few of these before. I think I’ll skip the high hammocks though. I can’t be trusted to stay in those things!

  5. Ahh, I love this list! I don’t think I could do the International Highline Meeting… but everything else…. YES!! I’ve never heard of the renovated hotel prison in the Netherlands…. that would be quite an experience!! Thank you for some bucket list inspiration! 🙂

  6. Wow. I didn’t know about these bizarre places to sleep. And the hammock thing is in Italy,right? Where in Italy? It looks like the Dolomites. Could you find out this for me. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow… these are amazing! I’m with you and don’t think I’d ever even make it into the hammock and think it looks crazy! I’ve always wondered if people don’t fall out in their sleep. The accommodation in Fiji though has me intrigued. I think watching the fish swim and having the reflection from the water dancing around your room would be extremely peaceful. I guess you’d have to have a lot of trust though that the water wouldn’t come rushing in. That would be a rude awaking.

  8. All of these are so cool! I’m actually going to Rovaniemi in Finland later this month, but those glass igloos are soooo expensive! I can’t even afford a night there with my norwegian salary :p Crazy. I haven’t really slept that many different places other than an old prison in Slovenia, a cave in Turkey, on an Uros Island on Lake Titicaca and different glamping places, haha.

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