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At Don’t Forget To Move we’re all about Moving With a Purpose, and we’re looking to partner up with travelers, writers, brands and companies that share a passion for adventure travel and responsible tourism.

We strongly believe that travelers have the power to shape the world that they explore, by choosing destinations, tour operators and experiences that prioritize the care and protection of local cultures, as well as the environment and animal populations.

At Don’t Forget To Move we’re all about inspiring travel, invoking adventure and supporting eco-friendly initiatives and local community projects that help promote responsible tourism. Together we can start a movement towards responsible tourism that positively impacts the cultures, communities and environments we explore.

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Who Are Our Readers?

Our mission is to help inspire and support travelers to explore this wonderful world in a style that respects local cultures and promotes sustainable tourism. We don’t discriminate in our quest to engage all travelers from around the world, regardless of age, sex or location.

However, we have developed a strong readership between the ages of 25-34 (50%) and 18-24 (20%), and in the following regions; United States (45%), Canada (10%), United Kingdom (15%) and Australia (10%).

This audience is represented across 55,000+ monthly pageviews, and we reach our readers through our expansive social media network of 160,000+ followers.


What Can We Offer YOU?

Events or Press Trips

Got an upcoming event that you want us to cover and promote? Or perhaps you’re looking for some travel bloggers to work with your tourism board? We can work alongside brands and tour companies to help create a unique social media strategy that brings more readers and customers to your business, brand or area.

media and advertising

A magical trip to the breathtaking Kalanggaman Island in Leyte with the Philippines Department of Tourism. This tiny little island truly is paradise!

media and advertising

Check out our trip down the Mekong River with the Cambodian Department of Tourism to see an example of what we can offer.


If you’re an advocate for responsible tourism and want to partner up with a blog that supports socially conscious and culture focused travel, then let’s get together! Have some adventure travel gear, a new eco-friendly hotel/hostel or anything else travel related? We’d be happy to give it a run for you. We offer thorough and honest reviews for all travel related products and services and we’re keen to partner up with you. Get in contact with us TODAY to discuss personalized promotional strategies to help increase exposure to your brand or company!

Press Mentions

Want to feature us in an article, interview us about traveling, or reference our site?  We’d be happy to provide some information about responsible tourism, budget travel or even about ourselves. As a couple from two different countries, who met while volunteering in South America in 2012 and then decided to travel and work together for the next 4 years and counting… we’ve got a pretty interesting story!

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Freelance Writing

As travel bloggers we’re always looking to write exciting articles that our readers can enjoy, but we also enjoy writing for other people as well. If you’ve got a website or magazine, and you’re interested in some of our work, please contact us. From location based writing to general travel and lifestyle tips and tricks. If you’re looking for a new perspective on travel or life we’ve got what you want.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! As Don’t Forget To Move travels deeper into the world of adventure travel and responsible tourism, we’re rapidly merging as one of the must read travel blogs of 2016!