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Looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift for the traveler in your life? Let’s face it, travelers already have limited space in their bags and usually value experiences over physical items. That’s why you have to be thoughtful in choosing the perfect gift for your travel-loving friends or family members. Luckily we got you covered in our gift guide for the traveler that has everything.


Moleskine Passion Hard Cover Journal

Travelers know that even long trips can go by in a blur. Even the most incredible memories fade and it can be difficult to remember exactly what you did, when and with who. Writing in a travel journal is without a doubt the best way to keep those travel memories as fresh as the day you experienced them. Moleskine is well known for their quality journals and notebooks. This travel passion journal includes pages for your bucketlist, packing checklist and lots of free space to write down your thoughts and experiences. The hardcover means its durable for all those crazy adventures!

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Subscription to Travel + Leisure


Even the most well-traveled people need some inspiration from time to time. Travel + Leisure is packed with gorgeous editorials on tons of destinations, from popular destinations to lesser-known places to visit. The magazine tends to focus on swanky getaways, but travel-lovers with enjoy getting lost in the beautiful photography and fanaticizing about one day experiencing that overwater bungalow in the Maldives. Sigh…

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AcousticSheep SleepPhones

Traveling can have you sleeping in some pretty uncomfortable situations. Tiny plane seats (seriously, could they get any smaller?!), rickety 3rd class train benches, airport floors. Between the baby crying in seat 4A and the man on his phone at the airport check in desk, you might never get any sleep. That’s why we’re dying to get our hands on some Sleepphones! Sleepphones are headphones tucked neatly into a soft, lightweight fabric headband. You can fall asleep easily while listening to music without getting that uncomfortable soreness in your ear.

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WONDERBOOM 2 Portable Speaker

Music-loving travelers will know the pain of kicking back at the top of a volcano, fresh off a 5-hour hike, knowing the perfect song that would compliment the moment, but stuck with singing it in their head! Unfortunately most good quality speakers aren’t durable enough to withstand outdoorsy activities, so taking them on an adventure doesn’t quite work. The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is fresh off the press and ready for an adventure. 13 hours battery life, 360 degree sound, dust proof, waterproof and even floats in the pool. This outdoor speaker is perfect for travelers that love hiking, beaches and sailing.

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National Geographic’s Atlas of the National Parks

For the National Park nerd in your life, National Geographic’s Atlas of the National Parks is the perfect coffee table book. This atlas is the definitive guide to the best of the US parks. It’s filled with gorgeous photos, maps and great tips for visiting each national park.


Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See… Ranked

As much as people like to say that guidebooks are on their way out, Lonely Planet still reigns supreme as the trusted grandfather of travel advice. Instead of taking a gamble and choosing a location-specific book as a gift, give your travel-obsessed friends the holy grail of Lonely Planet books. This is their list of the 500 best places to see around the world. You can compete and see who’s been to the most on the list.

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Google Chromebook

We were gifted a Chromebook (the Pixelbook) from Google earlier this year and absolutely love it! It’s small, lightweight and easy to use. We love taking this thing traveling when we don’t want to lug our heavy Macbooks around. The keyboard can be flipped up to turn the device from a laptop to a tablet. The screen is excellent, making it the perfect device to take on airplane to watch movies.

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Amazon Paperwhite

There’s no better travel companion than a good travel book. Unfortunately the selection at the hostel book exchange usually doesn’t cut it. You’re lucky to find the a battered copy of the same travel book de jour that everyone is reading. Thank goodness they invited the e-reader. Travelers can now get pretty much any book they want instantly. And can we just say an amen for how light the Kindle is? The last thing you want taking up room in your backpack is heavy books. Even the most traditional travelers will forgo their paperbacks for the convenience of an Amazon Kindle.

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GoPro’s have always been high on the list for snowboarders and other adventure sport junkies, but the company has really upped their game on quality with the HERO7 Black. Now this tiny, yet powerful, action camera is a must-have for all travelers. Whether you love to snorkel, play around in the snow, or just take shots around town, the GoPro is perfect. It fits in your pocket, so it couldn’t be easier to take around. The HERO7 Black version is waterproof (without a casing), has incredible built in stabilization and shots 4K at 60fps. It also has Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, so you have no excuse not to stay in touch with regular photo updates.

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SunGod Sunglasses

Every traveler knows how important a durable pair of sunglasses is. Most backpackers go for the cheapo knock off Raybans found at pretty much any market around the world. Unfortunately these can be doing your eyes more damage than going without sunglasses. Having polarized lenses is crucial for protecting your eyes. But investing in expensive sunglasses can be a gamble when there’s such a high chance they’ll be broken during one of your adventures. Thank goodness SunGod has us covered. Not only do they have quality sunnies, but all of their products have a lifetime guarantee! If your pair breaks, they’ll send you out a new one for free! And the best part? They are fully customizable! From the lens color to the pattern, to the style. You can make them completely YOU!

Read our full review of SunGod sunglasses here!


Hobo Hammocks

Ah the old trusty hammock! An ideal piece of equipment on every traveler’s wish list, but very few travelers have a decent one that stands up to the harsh demands of a nomadic lifestyle. Lucky Hobo Hammocks have you covered. Hobo Hammocks was started by an avid hammocker and traveler, who saw a creative way to combine his love for hammocks and helping those in need. Not only are these hammocks high quality, practical items, but they’re also helping give back to homeless by using part of the proceeds to buy meals. Each hammock comes with straps, clips and a pledge to help use your contribution to feed the poor. Talk about a double deal. And if you’re concerned at all about the political correctness of the term ‘hobo‘ (like we initially were), simply do a quick search to discover the interesting origins and history of the word.

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PRO Packing Cubes

If you’ve never traveled with packing cubes, get ready to have your packing game brought to another level. It may seem counterintuitive to add more to your bag, but these cubes help organize and separate your clothes and accessories like you wouldn’t believe. No more taking out every item to get to your last clean pair of undies. Now you can sort your clothing and travel essentials to make packing and unpacking much easier. I honestly can’t believe we traveled for so many years without!

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Netflix / Amazon Streaming Subscription

Even the biggest travel lovers need a break while they’re on the road. Sometimes you just need to curl up in a hotel bed and have a Breaking Bad marathon. Keeping your computer stocked with downloaded movies is impractical when you need extra room for all those travel photos. Cue online streaming. Netflix is the old favorite. The have amazing original shows and movies that you can only find on their site. Amazon streaming is a bit overlooked, but it comes with so many other awesome benefits. If you buy an Amazon Prime account, you get free two-day shipping on your orders, access to the music and Kindle online lending library and a streaming selection of over 40,000 choices.

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