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At Don’t Forget To Move we love when we’re able to combine our passion for travel with our love of giving back. On a recent trip to Lombok we had the opportunity to do exactly that; working to help promote an amazing organization that is helping rebuild schools, as well as helping promote Lombok tourism in the hopes of bringing back more tourists.

We got to explore the beautiful island of Lombok and we made sure to do it in a sustainable way. During this trip we engaged in responsible tourism activities like visiting traditional villages, touring a pottery cooperative and doing eco-friendly tours. We visited the stunning waterfalls of Lombok, soaked in the sun on the Lombok beaches and enjoyed everything there was to see and do.

Along with supporting responsible tourism we also partnered with an organization called Classroom of Hope, who are doing an amazing job building earthquake safe pop up schools in the region!


explore Lombok island Indonesia


Why Does Lombok Need Help?

Last year, Lombok suffered a series of devastating earthquakes in July and August. It caused significant damage, with over 500 deaths, leaving people displaced and property destroyed. Amongst this damage was the destruction of over 400 schools. Even now, months after the earthquake, some students are left to get their education in tents or not attend school at all.

Coming from a non-profit background, we know that educating the youth is the key for a prosperous future. That’s why we’ve chosen Classroom of Hope as the beneficiary for this partnership campaign. They are doing an incredible job all over the world, building schools in developing countries, helping students return to a safe learning environment.

In Lombok, they are partnering with a local organization called the Pelita Foundation who are using local materials and the local workforce to get these pop up schools built. Classroom of Hope and Pelita Foundation are doing incredible work and we’re excited to be able to support them with your help!


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What is a Responsible Tourist?

Not sure if you’re a responsible tourist? Even if you don’t feel like Captain Planet when you travel, you’re probably engaging in some responsible tourism activities without even knowing it! Here are some ways you may be a responsible traveler:

  • Shop at locally owned shops
  • Pick up trash on the beach
  • Visit an animal sanctuary/rescue center
  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Eat at locally owned restaurants
  • Ride a bike or walked somewhere instead of using a taxi
  • Use public transportation
  • Bring reusable grocery bags
  • Stay at an eco-hotel or hotels that have green initiatives
  • Refuse to ride an elephant or do other activities that exploit animals
  • Ask permission before taking photos of locals
  • Volunteer at an organization
  • Travel locally to avoid taking a plane
  • Travel to eco-friendly destinations


Lombok Pottery Center tour


Why Responsible Tourism?

Not only is responsible tourism our favorite way to travel, it’s an incredible way to help support destinations that have experienced disasters like Lombok. Before the earthquake, tourism was a significant part of the economy in Lombok. But when the earthquakes hit, tourists were nervous to continue visiting. Now, businesses in the tourism industry, including mom and pop restaurants, are missing a significant part of their income.

As tourists we have so much opportunity to do good, just by visiting a place. Where and how we choose to spend our money overseas plays a huge part in the prosperity of a country. By visiting Lombok and using our money for responsible tourism activities, we’re supporting livelihoods and supporting a sustainable economic development of this beautiful place. By eating at locally owned restaurants and shopping at local shops we’re giving our money directly to the people of Lombok so they have the chance to rebuild.

This gorgeous region of Indonesia has so much to offer. We hope you’ll help us give back to Lombok and visit this beautiful island!

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