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Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack Review

Travelers can spend months researching the perfect backpacking backpack. Struggling to get the size, fit and style just right. But what about a daypack? Daypacks tend to be an after-thought. However, their role while traveling should not be underrated. A good day pack is crucial for traveling. This is the pack you’ll keep everything you want quick and easy access to. The daypack keeps your valuables safe, it keeps your wallet and passport in easy reach during those tedious boarding crossings, but still tucked away from any sketchy characters.

The daypack also holds all those items that make a long bus ride bearable; iPod, headphones, a good variety of snacks. A daypack holds your sunscreen at the beach and lugs your water bottle around during a steep hike. So where can you find such a quality daypack? Well don’t worry guys, we’ve got ya covered with the Granite Rocx Tahoe backpack.

Thanks to the awesome people over at Granite Rocx we’ve been lucky enough to receive their Tahoe pack for review. This bag is seriously amazing. I don’t think there’s anything it can’t do. It’s loaded with all sorts of pockets, compartments and cords that give you flexibility in whatever adventure you want to take it on.

Upon first glance, the Granite Rocx Tahoe backpack looks like a standard pack, but when we started to explore all of the zips and pouches we realized just how much potential this little 35 liter bag has. The front of the pack has bungee straps perfect for throwing in a beach towel, extra sweater or picnic blanket. Unzip the first compartment to reveal a section of different sized pockets. The larger pockets are perfect for items like sunscreen or a notebook and the small ones can snugly fit a set of keys or your favorite SPF lip balm. The main section is spacious enough for your camera bag, change of clothing and extra pair of flip-flops.

But that’s not all! The back of the bag actually unzips to create even MORE space for all your goodies. This area is perfect for a fold up chair or two. No more lugging an awkward beach chair down to the water. The straps on the side keep everything secure so you can put your hands to better use like snapping photos or looking after your beer.

Speaking of beer, this might just be the best feature of the Granite Rocx Tahoe backpack. The bag actually comes with a super compact detachable cooler! There’s nothing worse than going on a hot, sticky hike through the Amazon, needing a refreshing sip of water, only to find that your bottle is hot as a sauna! The cooler is insulated for hot and cold, so all you need to do is pop in some ice to keep your drinks cold. Alternatively, if you’re heading out on a sunrise hike and need a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm your bones, the bag will keep your beverage nice and warm. This area is also perfect for keeping your lunch fresh after a long hike, to avoid the dreaded soggy sandwich. In fact we took this down the beach just yesterday, filled it up with 12 (!) cans of beer and enjoyed nice cold brews all afternoon.

The great thing about this pack is that it’s versatile and can fit whatever kind of activity you enjoy. It’s really a “choose your own adventure!” The other week we had my cousin take it out for the day. She threw her yoga mat into the bungee straps to take to class. Instead of placing a chair in the back straps, she tucked in an art easel, put her paints and pencils in the pockets and had an art day out in the park. My mom has used the bag at the farmer’s market, using the big compartment for bread and flowers, and the cooler to keep all her produce fresh on the ride home. And i’m pretty sure my dad has his eye on it for his next camping trip.

Although, as much as I love helping out the family, I’m keeping the Granite Rocx Tahoe backpack for myself! I can’t wait to use all the different straps and pockets for our beach days on the islands of Thailand, exploring the ruins in Cambodia and motor-biking through the hills of Vietnam.

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