Cheap Eats in San Pedro, Guatemala

Want to find some deliciously awesome cheap eats in San Pedro, Guatemala? Yes please! But when backpacking on a budget, unfortunately this dream doesn’t always become a reality. Meals consist of what’s cheap and easy to cook. Lots of starchy potatoes, pasta and rice. And of course in Central America, anything to do with corn. Corn tortillas, with boiled corn on top and maybe a side of fried corn… surely there has got to be another answer?

In San Pedro we found the perfect lunch that gets the belly full and will literally cost you under one dollar! Forget the touristy strip, aptly named Gringolandia, with its alluring tastes and high priced meals. Head up the road to the local market in the morning and pick up some fresh supplies. Today we’re going to make a tasty guacamole on fresh corn tortillas (OK so corn plays a small part).

cheap eats in San Pedro

Here’s the super simple shopping list:

Item Cost Total
2 avocados 1Q each 2Q
3 small tomatoes 2.5Q a pound 1Q
1 medium onions 3Q a pound 1Q
8 fresh corn tortillas 1Q for 4 2Q
Couple of limes Assorted prices 0.5Q
Bit of salt and pepper Haggle the spice lady 1Q

Total = 7.5Q or just under 1USD

cheap eats in San Pedro

What’s next?

All you need for the preparation is some clean water to wash the veggies, a knife and a small container/bowl. Give everything a decent wash; mash up the avocado into a bowl; add in diced tomato and onion; juice some lime; and add salt and pepper to taste. Take it down to the lake with a good book and your swimming trunks, and you’ve got a nice afternoon picnic ready to go.

And this meal isn’t just a cheap eat in San Pedro. We’ve used this all over Central America where tortillas and avocado are in an abundance. Remember, the more money you save on food, and longer you can travel!

cheap eats in San Pedro

4 thoughts on “Cheap Eats in San Pedro, Guatemala”

  1. Good post.
    The tortilla looks delicious! Can you get me the recipe? How much are the avocados? We are paying up to three bucks each.

    • Quite a price difference! In San Pedro you can buy around 6-8 decent sized avocados for a dollar, and the tortillas are fresh off the press. They’re simply flattened out corn masa, grilled on a hot plate. If you’ve got a bag of dried corn kernels and a massive grinder, you’re in luck!


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