How to Travel and Work Abroad: A Global Work and Travel Review

Working overseas might sound like a lot of work (get it?), but for those looking for new experiences it can be an amazing way to explore a culture, meet like minded people and have some adventure travel along the way.


Working Abroad: What Does it Mean?

As simple as the name implies, working overseas is when you travel from your home country to another country and you work. Whether you pick up part time work to supplement your travels, or jump into full-time work to advance your career, working overseas offers many exciting opportunities that working at home can’t.



Working Overseas Options

When it comes to working abroad there are a lot more options than you might have realized. Gone are the days of simply volunteering 8 hours a day in a hostel to cover your 12 person dorm bed, or covering shifts in a local bar to support your nightly drinking exploits. These days working abroad programs have improved significantly and there are a lot of options to suit different wants and needs.

Sure, you might only want to ‘experience’ another culture with a working holiday in Canada; snowboarding and punching ski lift tickets by day, crushing beers by night. And hey there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a hell of a good time and you get to meet some amazing people in the process.

But if you’re looking to gain new skills in a career or have a career change then there are also a lot of fun options to travel and work through teaching, tutoring, interning, being an au pair (nanny), or a summer camp counsellor.



How to Find Work Overseas

With so many options it can be hard to know where to start. Thankfully Global Work and Travel takes away all the confusion and difficulty in finding an overseas working option that suits you. Along with offering a wide selection of working abroad options, they also offer a lot of different locations around the world to start your new adventure.

Each option, whether you’re teaching English in Japan, an au pair in Australia or an internship in Canada, comes with support from start to finish. You’ll get help with training, work placement, interviews, visa guidance, mentoring and a whole bunch of other factors to make sure your working experience is as smooth as possible.



What Should I Choose?

Choosing the type of program you want to explore can be tricky because there are so many great options. For a lot of people a working holiday can be the best way to dip into the workforce, earn enough money to sustain your travels and also manage to explore the country you’re visiting. A working holiday is especially useful when traveling to countries that can be more expensive, such as Australia, the US, UK or Canada.

Typically working holiday jobs are seasonal and temporary, but they’re the perfect way to immerse yourself within a new culture and live like a local, while also exploring the country and having fun. They might not lead to a breakout career in a new industry, but they’re a happy medium between wanting to work enough to travel, but not being bogged down by a serious career role.

If you’re looking for a job that has a bit more focus, you have awesome options in teaching English abroad, working as a nanny (au pair), being a tutor or even gaining an internship in your desired field of work. Each of these positions come with more responsibility, but also more of an opportunity to gain workplace skills in a job for the future.



Teaching English Overseas

If you’ve ever considered working in education then teaching English abroad is the perfect way to road test this idea. Never considered teaching, but thought it might be fun to check out? It is! 

Way back in 2006 I took my first ever overseas trip to teach English in Thailand and it was an incredible experience. I spent 6 weeks teaching English to middle school students in rural Thailand and learned so much about the country, the people and the food. Even after 15 years of travel and countless experiences around the world this still stands out as one of my most cherished travel memories.

Fast forward to present time, teaching overseas programs have evolved a lot since 2006. At Global Work and Travel there are 13 amazing locations that you can sign up for when looking to teach English abroad. There are traditional hot spots like Thailand and South Korea, but also some really awesome and new locations like Argentina, Costa Rica and Spain!

And if you’re worried about not knowing how to teach, don’t be! Each program at Global Work and Travel comes with a 3-4 week TEFL or TESOL course to help prepare you for your position. You also get provided with accommodation, fun cultural excursions, as well as accreditation once you finish your position.



Benefits of Working Abroad

Apart from gaining work experience there are plenty of benefits of working abroad that you can take advantage of. 

Travel Now, Save Later

Working overseas also has the added bonus of allowing you to move abroad and stay there longer when you don’t have a ton of money. If you were planning on traveling around North America or Australia for 6 months you’d need a hell of a lot of spare change in the bank. But with a working holiday you get to get over to a country with less savings and then build your funds and explore while working.


Expand Your Horizons When You Go Overseas

One of the best parts of working overseas is that you don’t have to put your working life on pause for traveling -you can just combine the two!

Use this opportunity to immerse yourself in a country’s culture. Practice your language skills by speaking with the locals and attend some cooking classes. Also, take advantage of nature with various fun activities, including scuba diving, hiking, yachting, and rock climbing.

And if you base yourself in a place like Europe or Asia, it’s super easy to travel to neighboring cities and countries and experience their cuisines, culture, and city life. Use your holiday time, or long weekends, to pop across the border and experience a whole new culture. Even if it’s just for a few days.


Gives You Added Experience

When a company puts out a job ad, they’re getting hundreds, if not thousands of applicants. This means heavy competition for newbies hoping to enter the working world. After all, getting 5 years of work experience by the age of 21 is almost impossible.

You can spruce up your CV and resume with your experience in a foreign country. This shows employers that you’ve got what it takes to kick it in the international job market. It also signals that you’re adaptable, willing to learn and take risks, and can handle working with other people.

Booking Travel Experiences with Headout: A Review

People say that the world is like a book….. if you haven’t traveled, you’re still on the first page. And we tend to agree!

Travel can provide us with more knowledge than an encyclopedia and more adventures than Gulliver’s Travels. But travel isn’t always as easy as it seems. You can’t just pack your bags, blindly choose a direction and head off into the sunset… that is, until Headout came along. is a travel booking website that has an extensive list of activities, tours, tickets and excursions that you can book all around the world. They also have an easy to use website and an app that can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for taking your travels on the go.

You no longer have to stress for weeks in advance about what you’re going to do on your next vacation. Simply head out and enjoy the experience. 


The Ins and Outs

When it comes to booking travel online a lot people can still be quite skeptical. People are worried about getting scammed, or pressing ‘book’ and then next minute having to make repayments on a new timeshare they accidentally purchased.

But as technology advances, and we start to become more comfortable with online travel purchases, we’re seeing some amazing advancements to websites and app that are enabling a much safer and easier way to book travel. And thankfully for you, you’ll find that the booking process with Headout is just as safe and easy.

First things first, go on to their website or download the mobile app and create an account. We recommend the mobile app, because it’s great to take on the go, but if you find it easier to browse on a bigger screen, check out their website. Once you have an account you can save your card details, trip details, and view and manage your tickets there.



Now that you’ve got an account it’s as easy as searching where you want to travel and seeing what type of tickets pop up. For example, if you’re headed to San Francisco and wanted to explore Alcatraz. All you have to do is search the city or experience, select the activity and Headout will show you date options, inclusions, exclusions and reviews.

Once you’ve paid, from inputing your payment details or the pre-saved details, you’ll receive a confirmation email to confirm the booking. The tickets will then show up as electronic copies in the mobile app or in your inbox. This is great because you don’t have to worry about losing the physical tickets. Simply show your ticket code at the entrance to the chosen activity and let the adventure begin!


Headout’s Customer Service

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2020, travel has been one big question mark – especially the hassle of canceling reservations. It’s always nerve-racking wondering if you’ll actually get a refund or if you’ll be out of luck on a trip canceled due to COVID. Rest assured if you using Headout, you don’t have to give this a second thought. 

Headout’s customer service is above and beyond. You can contact them via email or you can talk to someone from their 24-hour support team on their website’s live chat option. They typically respond within minutes of your chat request – it took someone less than 5-minutes to chat to me.



Headout’s Cancellation Policy

With Headout, you can cancel your tour in full and either receive a credit that can be cashed in on their website for an alternative tour, or you can receive the original payment back.

You can receive a full refund if the booking was made after 1 April 2020 if:

  • The venue is closed
  • Reservation is under the cancelation policy (so make sure you check if your tour falls under the cancelation policy first)
  • Entry was denied due to capacity restrictions
  • Tour operator confirms a refund



There are also situations where partial refunds of the tour price in Headout credits are awarded:

  • If you test positive for Covid then you are entitled to a 50% refund in credits, but you have to show a valid test.
  • If you are forced to do a mandatory quarantine due to government regulations, a 20% refund is rewarded in credits.
  • If you are unable to visit the venue due to government restrictions, you will be entitled to a 20% refund in credits.
  • If you have any flight or visa cancelations or issues, you can email with a screenshot of your cancelation message and you will receive a 20% refund in Headout credits.


Best San Francisco Experiences on Headout

Planning a trip to our favorite city by the Bay? Headout has several different options when it comes to booking experiences and tours in San Francisco. They offer tours and attraction tickets, including tours to Alcatraz Island.

The Alcatraz Island tours are perfect for history buffs who want to explore the infamous cells made famous by the movie, ‘The Rock’. Walk the same halls as American crime legends like Al Capone and Frank Morris.

Headout also bundles tours so you can experience a few places at once. Here are a few different options for tours from San Francisco that include Alcatraz:

  • Golden Gate & Alcatraz Island Cruise
  • Napa Valley Wine Country & Alcatraz Multi-day Tour (Wine & history tour? Yes please!)
  • Muir Woods & Sausalito with Alcatraz Tour
  • San Francisco City with Alcatraz & San Francisco Dungeon tour
  • San Francisco City Bus Tour With Alcatraz tour



If old prisons aren’t your thing, they are plenty of other unique tours that you can purchase from Headout’s website or the mobile app:

  • Muir Woods & Wine Country Coach Tour
  • San Francisco Helicopter & Sausalito Lunch Tour
  • San Francisco & Sausalito Bike Tour
  • North Beach Food Tour
  • Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Bike Tour
  • Muir Woods & Sausalito Tour & Golden Gate Bay Cruise
  • San Francisco City, Muir Woods & Sausalito Bus Tour
  • Muir Woods and San Francisco City Tour

There are also city based tickets that help you skip the lines at these places and normally offer discounts on the prices too. San Francisco Attraction Tickets are mainly for visiting popular sites in the city like:

  • Skip the line California Academy of Sciences Admission Tickets
  • San Francisco Exploratorium Admission Tickets (If you have kids, or even if you don’t, we highly recommend the super fun and interactive Exploratorium!)
  • The de Young Museum & Legion of Honor Admission Tickets
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts Entry Tickets
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Entry Tickets
  • San Francisco Zoo Tickets
  • Aquarium of the Bay


Is Headout a Reliable Site?

Yes, Headout is legitimate and a reliable website to use for activity bookings in the San Francisco Bay Area and many other parts of the world.

They offer a fast and efficient way to book tickets for activities in and around cities. Skip lines to famous spots, book tours with multiple tour operators, and don’t worry about losing your tickets because it’s all stored on the mobile app or in your email!

These tours are the best of the best, so head out right now and book yourself something to do in the city we’re lucky enough to call home, San Francisco.

Best Netflix Travel Shows | Travel Documentaries to Watch

If you’re like most who have that wanderlust feeling, but aren’t able to fulfill it at the moment, the best you can do is to try and fill those cravings with some travel series. Thankfully, this list of the best Netflix travel series will help you choose an adventure from your living room. Maybe they can ignite the adventurer within and give you inspiration for when you can hit the road again.

If one of these Netflix travel shows does grab your attention and makes you want to follow their lead, make sure to remember some of these adventure travel tips so you’re prepared for everything. You can also check out our list for the best wanderlust inducing travel movies streaming on Netflix!


6 Top Travel Shows on Netflix

Netflix is known to have some of the best travel shows available at the moment. The best travel documentaries on Netflix all have their quirks ranging from the obscure to the outright comical. These travel shows will either make you stare in amazement or have you crying with laughter while being taken on a journey.


Street Food

This one is for all the foodies, who love to travel just to eat their way through their trip and taste as many local dishes as possible. One of the best travel documentaries on Netflix, they take you along for the ride as they explore street food from around the world. This traveling show has a stunning combination of interviews with street chefs, exploring their history.



This is all put within the larger picture of how influential street food is in each chef’s homeland. Each season focuses on a specific region/continent, with Asia and Latin America’s street food being showcased in the first two seasons.

Even though you might not be able to travel to try that food right now, nothing is stopping you from taking some notes and taking a world tour in your kitchen.


Dark Tourist

Have you ever heard of dark tourism? For the more obscure travelers, this series takes you to places and experiences that are not exactly conventional. David Farrier takes you on an adventure to explore the darker and lesser-known cultures and parts of the world.



This is one of those Netflix travel documentaries that will take you on tours ranging from the odd to the totally bizarre and creepy. David visits a full-scale Noah’s Ark, a horror house and even tours La Catedral with Pablo Escobar’s former hitman. This might not be to everyone’s taste, but is definitely worth a watch if you want something a little different and to see the weird and wonderful this world has to offer.

If you like to be different then have a look here if you really want to get off the beaten track. You could also try some dark tourism for yourself and visit the town of Prypiat outside of Chernobyl, exploring the time capsule that remains.


Jack Whitehall – Travels With My Father

Imagine traveling with one of your parents for a road trip documentary, with all your contrasting personality traits and quirks for all to see. If that sounds entertaining – this travel series is full of it! Comedian Jack Whitehall takes a trip with his father to various places around the world while getting themselves into a few awkward situations.



For some lighthearted but also occasionally cringe-worthy family travel escapades, this is one of the best shows on Netflix. They approach all their journeys through South East Asia, Europe and West America with very different perspectives. Although through all the bickering, there are some wholesome moments between the two. That is until a third and unusual member joins their trip.


The Kindness Diaries

Just how far could you travel around the world using kindness as a currency? This again is one of the best travel shows on Netflix with the traveler, Leon, traveling around the world and relying on the kindness of strangers for food, shelter and petrol. Leon is not able to accept money at all on his journey. During all these interactions with locals who help, he learns more about them and their stories.



In return for these strangers’ kindness, he pays it forward by helping those who help him realize their dreams. He travels around with a vintage vehicle in each season, first a vintage motorcycle and then a vintage car. This is one of those road trip documentaries that will immerse you in the local culture and show that there are some truly selfless people in this world. Be warned, this is a bit of a tear jerker.


Tales by Light

Tales by Light is something a bit different from National Geographic on Netflix. This is a travel documentary series that you would probably have never seen before. This thought-provoking series takes you on a journey with professional photographers who travel around the world to capture iconic and powerful images.



This series has stunning imagery that will make you stare in wonderment as these photographers push their limits to capture that elusive image. All while this series answers the question on everyone’s mind, what is the meaning behind that image and how did they do it?


Down to Earth With Zac Efron

For a travel series with a focus on sustainability while traveling around the world (yes the irony is not lost) a journey with Zac Efron is surprisingly light-hearted. The series focuses on Zac as he searches the globe, exploring new countries in search of a healthy and sustainable way to live.



Arguably, this series is somewhat more of a journey of self-reflection with travel as a backdrop. This series will take you around the world and show you how countries are attempting to combat climate change.



Best Travel Documentaries – What are you Adding to Your List?

Travel documentaries on Netflix give you a chance to live vicariously through others. They take you on a personal journey and give an in-depth look that you might even miss yourself. At least you can sit back, relax and go on a visual mind journey with those on the screen and take mental notes for the day that you board the plane to start your journey.

LifeStraw Steel Water Bottle Review

The following post is a paid partnership between Don’t Forget To Move and LifeStraw. As always, we would never recommend a product that we didn’t truly support and believe in. And we think LifeStraw rocks! We’ve been using LifeStraw products for over 8 years, well before we started partnering on projects. 

For anyone that’s been following our travels for a while, you’ll know there’s one company we can’t stop talking about. It’s no secret that we’ve got a lot of love for our favorite water bottle company, LifeStraw. We’ve been using LifeStraw bottles and filters since our very first backpacking trip to Latin America back in 2012. We had some of their first generation water bottles and they served us well as we traversed across South America and Central America.

Just when we thought supporting our favorite water bottle company LifeStraw couldn’t get any cooler, they’ve gone and outdone themselves! Introducing the LifeStraw Go – Stainless Steel Bottle with Filter, a double walled, vacuum insulated water bottle to keep that water icy cold when it counts!

And as if getting a sweet new water bottle wasn’t already cool enough. This is a company that not only helps reduce single use plastic with amazing water bottles with filters, but they also have an incredible give back program that provides one child with a year of safe drinking water for every purchase made. 

If you’re looking for a new holiday gift for someone, or you just want to treat yourself then look no further. We’re going to give you the ins and outs of this amazing new bottle, as well as the additional perks of supporting a company that does good in the world.



Why We Love LifeStraw

For us, using LifeStraw bottles and filters while traveling was a no brainer. These water bottles not only helped us save money from having to purchase water, but more importantly, they reduced the amount of single use plastic we accumulated along the way.

Like many developing countries around the world, and some developed countries at that, you don’t always have access to safe drinking water. Having a couple of LifeStraws meant we could drink water from literally any water source and know that we weren’t going to be exposed to harmful bacteria and parasites.

And believe us when we say this; we’ve had parasites and they’re not fun!

We also love the fact that they’re a company that puts their money where their mouth is in helping provide safe drinking water to communities in need. But more on that later in the post, let’s take a look at this awesome new water bottle.



LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle and Filter

Double wall, vacuum insulated bottle, plus LifeStraw’s patented filtration system, equals our new favorite LifeStraw bottle!

Let’s start with the filter. LifeStraw comes at you with a double filter to make sure there’s no nasties left in your water. The membrane filter protects you from over 99.99% of all parasites, bacteria, microplastics, dirt and sand. The carbon filter actively reduces chlorine, chemicals and helps improve the taste.

And while the carbon filter should be replaced every 26 gallons (100 liters) of water, the membrane filter, that protects you from E.coli and giardia, is good for 1,000 gallons (4,000 liters of water). That’s over 5,500 bottle refills (or 4 bottles a day, everyday, for almost 4 years) before you need to replace the filter.



The filter is the brains behind this product, but the bottle is the body. And that’s where the real magic happens with the LifeStraw Go Steel. With the double wall, vacuum steel insulation you can keep water cool for up to 24 hours. This is a game changer!

While we still love our original LifeStraw BPA free plastic water bottles it was hard to keep the water cold when traveling through hot and humid countries. Some countries were so hot that even if you found a cool waterfall to fill up, or a lake while out hiking, by the time you took your next sip the water could be warm enough to boil tea. Not exactly the refreshing beverage we were looking for!

With the double wall, vacuum insulation water is now trapped tight inside that bottle and protected from the outside temperatures for up to 24 hours. You don’t have to settle for tea water on those scorching hot days anymore.

Of course this isn’t as much of an issue in colder climates, but being able to keep your water cool when hiking a volcano in Bali or through the humid jungle in southern Mexico is going to be absolutely key for keeping you refreshed along the adventure.



LifeStraw Giveback Program

If we haven’t already sold you on the amazing product (I know we have, but we just wanted to say that), then take a look at the awesome giveback program that LifeStraw supports.

For every product sold, LifeStraw provides one year of safe drinking water for a child in need. It’s that simple! And it’s incredibly impactful.

And this isn’t just one of those gimmicks that companies use to sell their products. LifeStraw backs these programs and has been working in communities for years to help provide access to safer drinking water.



We know this, because in October 2018 we had the opportunity to join them in southern Mexico to help provide water filters to rural community schools. The project worked alongside the local government, as well as community leaders, to identify the communities in need and then they went to work. It was an amazing project to be a part of and a really refreshing experience to see a company dedicated to doing so much good in the world.

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that the world is a fragile place that needs to be taken care of. Our impact not only as travelers, but as humans, has an effect on the stability of the environment and the people in it. The more we can do to protect that environment, the more we can do to protect humankind.

LifeStraw products are a step in the right direction for anyone looking to start protecting this world, by reducing single-use plastics and doing some good along the way. Difficult times have shown us that we’re all in this together, so let’s start acting like it.


Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Singapore PR Experts

As digital nomads we have the luxury of living anywhere in the world. We love to daydream and research new countries to learn about what local life is like in those places. Coming from Melbourne, which has been rated the world’s most liveable city, and San Francisco, which is so popular it has become one of the most desirable cities in the world, we’re pretty blessed as far as standard of living. Coming from these two diverse and vibrant destinations, it’s pretty difficult to find somewhere that might compare. But one place that we’ve heard over and over is equally as liveable is Singapore.

This tiny island city-state off the coast of Malaysia actually comprises 64 offshore islands around the mainland. You’ve probably seen some of Singapore’s incredible sites floating around social media, including the world’s tallest indoor waterfall in the Jewel Changi Airport. But more than just its famous tourist attractions, the bustling city is a wonderful place to live.

While the city-state’s cityscape is known for its skyscrapers, the landscape is actually incredibly green and lush. Almost half of its land area is under green cover. The young nation is incredibly safe, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The city-state is also  known for its cleanliness. Safe, clean and lots to do?! Who wouldn’t want to live there?


Permanent Residence Application

So now that we’ve sold you on the idea of living in the city-state, let’s talk logistics. Citizens of most countries around the world are allowed to stay there for 30 days without a visa. If you’re from the United States, Australia, the UK and a few other countries you are able to stay for 90 days. However, if you want to stay in the country for long-term, you’ll need to apply for permanent residence status. With Singapore PR (SPR) status you will be able to live, work, study and ultimately retire in that country for any extended length of time. You’ll also have access to subsidized health care, public education for your children, as well as tax benefits.



Permanent Residency status in the ever-evolving metropolitan city is, not surprisingly, highly sought after. The government has put a 30,000 annual cap on how many Permanent Residency applications it accepts. Not only is the applicant competitive, but the process to becoming a PR, it’s also tedious and complicated.

Luckily, there are immigration consultancy firms that can make the entire process a breeze. And we can tell you first hand after going through the process of applying for Jules’ US Permanent Residency, you would want a trained professional on your side.


Paul Immigrations Reviews: The Application Process

For your SPR application, we recommend working with the immigration experts at Paul Immigrations. With over 15,000 satisfied clients these are the professionals that you can trust to not only prepare your submission correctly, but use their expertise to ensure your highest chance of success possible.

The team will walk you through the process, step by step, and ensure that you’re fully informed and comfortable along the way. These are the steps the firm will take you through to complete the process:

Step 1: You’ll start your process with an introductory phone call with your assigned Immigration Consultant (IC). They will ask you a series of simple questions to assess your eligibility for Permanent Residency status. They’ll gather information about your current status and affiliation in the country, as well as your age, length of stay and income.


Step 2: After your phone interview, the IC will schedule an in person interview. They’ll ensure that you have the correct work pass to move forward. Your IC will also sit down with you and explain the likelihood of success of your application, as well certain factors that may affect the overall process. Based off this consultation, you can then decide if you’d like to move forward with the service.


Step 3: Next, you’ll be given a list of which documents you’ll need to collect for the application. You can submit your documents in person with your Immigration Specialist (IS) or scan and email your documents online. These documents will include specific mandatory forms, as well as any additional documents that may help your case including information on charity work, community involvement, etc.


Step 4: Now that you’ve submitted all your documents you can let the consultancy take over the hard part. Your IS will assist in the completion of the form, based on the information you’ve submitted.

An in-house writer will write a personalized cover letter to exemplify your commitment to the Singaporean community and society. The well-established firm has a team of talented and experienced writers that specialize in creating persuasive cover letters that help you stand out from the crowd. This may include your participation in local events, your skill sets and contribution to the community. These will all help your chances of a successful application.



Step 5: After your Immigration Specialist reviews your form and the document proofs with a fine tooth comb, they will lead you through the steps to proceed with the online submission. Depending on a range of factors, the IS may guide you with the application remotely or schedule a time for you to come in where help is rendered personally to submit the application.

Note: The time between your in-person interview to the submission of your application will take an average of one to two months.


Step 6: The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) takes about four to six months to review each application. Whether it is approved or rejected, your IS will guide you on the next steps.

And there you have it! Six simple steps to your Permanent Residency status. Partnering with Paul Immigrations not only saves you the headache of trying to decipher every form and document needed, but it ensures that you’re sending in the best application possible. Having an experienced team on your side will give you the confidence that you’re doing all you can to improve your success rate. With something as serious as residence status and immigration law, you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to be prepared. Next stop – Singapore!

The following article was a collaboration between Don’t Forget To Move and Paul Immigration. As always, we would never recommend and promote a product or service we didn’t use or truly believe in.


Stylish Travel Clothes You’ll Actually Want to Wear

If you’re a traveler, you’ve probably faced the same dilemma that we often do – what to wear while traveling! Traditionally travel clothes have been…. well, ugly! No offense if you love your toe shoes and zip off shorts/pants combination. But it’s 2021, the future is here and we deserve stylish travel clothes!

Forget about the oversized sweater with the built-in money belt that your grandma bought you from the Home Shopping Network. We’ve finally found a brand that makes stylish travel clothes. Hallelujah! *cue angels singing down from the heavens*


Introducing: Bluffworks. Bluffworks is all about versatile, stylish and comfortable clothes that you can wear pretty much anywhere. Because these days, travel isn’t just about flying to a destination, taking a 5 day trek and then heading home. If your travel style is anything like ours, you’re probably doing a mix of outdoor adventures, exploring cities, maybe some fine dining and probably chilling out a bit as well. Bluffworks has created a line of travel clothes that check all those boxes.

And we hate to be those bloggers, but these clothes look pretty swanky on Instagram as well! Bluffworks was started by a bonafide adventure traveler, and their HQ is located in New York City. The whole idea behind the brand was to create clothes that you can wear traveling through Vietnam AND strolling through Central Park. So without further ado, we’re going to share some of our favorite pieces from the women’s and men’s lines.


Travel Clothes for Women

Let’s talk about the women’s line first. While women’s travel clothes have seen a slight improvement in style in recent years, it’s still pretty obvious that they are travel clothes. I.e. clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in back at home. Luckily, Bluffworks has figured out how to keep the style of your favorite pieces, while incorporating hidden additions that make travel easier. These clothes will become staples in your closet both when you’re traveling and when you’re not.



Azores Blouse

Let’s start with the Azores Blouse. This lightweight, slightly stretchy blouse is super comfy. It looks and feels like silk; no one will know that it’s actually wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking fabric that you can totally throw into a washing machine. All the luxe, without any of the fuss. The blouse has two pockets on the chest with buttons, easy to stash a card or some cash into safely. And you know those annoying buttons on the cuff of most blouses that are impossible to button with one hand? Bluffworks has done away with those completely. Instead, the cuff has elastic, making it super easy to push up the sleeves if you want to get your hands dirty (or at least if you’re chowing down on a margherita pizza in Rome). 



Bluffworks has also added a longer hem in the back, which gives you more coverage and makes it much less likely for any “bend over and reveal your undies” situation. And get this – they’ve added an extra snap in between the two buttons on the chest, so you don’t get that awkward gap between the buttons. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!

This blouse is super chic and comfortable. It would be perfect for a lunch date by the Eiffel Tower, or to keep covered up while exploring the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


Comfortable Travel Pants: The Trevi Pants

Next up, the Trevi Pants. These stylish pants are so sleek and tailored; you would never know that there are 8 strategically placed pockets. Finally, pants for women that can actually carry our stuff! Where are these secret pockets, you make ask. Great question! There are two hidden in the waistband, the front pocket on the left has a secret place to stash your phone, and the front pocket on the right has a small zippered pocket inside. And on the back, there are two concealed zippered pockets. Boom!



The pants fall to your ankle, but can be rolled up thanks to an adjustable hem. Having versatile clothes, like these pants, is the key to packing light. And unless you travel with a sherpa who lugs your suitcases everywhere, you’ll want to be packing light. The Trevi pants are made from all-season twill fabric, which is wrinkle resistant and has odor control, perfect for stepping off a red eye flight looking and feeling refreshed! Of course, they’re moisture wicking and machine washable as well!

What I love about these pants is that you can dress them down with Bluffwork’s women’s Threshold T-shirt (so comfy) for a day of exploring. Or dress them up with the Azores Blouse if you have a special occasion. Even if you’re planning on backpacking around, you never know when you may want to dress up. On our way down to backpack through Mexico we met the head of a non-profit we wanted to work with, and ended up scheduling a meeting during our trip. It would have been so helpful to have a pair of the Trevi pants, instead of my black leggings I had to pass off as business casual.


Best Travel Dress: The Trevi Dress

And last, but certainly not least, the Trevi dress. I probably sound dramatic when I say that this dress is a revelation, but it is! I’ve seen a few “travel dresses” on the market, but nothing as chic and pretty as this. First off, I’m in love with dark crimson color. It’s brighter than I expected, but it really pops and I can’t wait to wear it over the holidays. You’ll be seeing this dress on our Instagram account quite a bit in the future.



But it also has the function to match the fashion. Every girl likes a dress with pockets, and this one has six of them! They’re strategically hidden so you don’t look like you’re wearing a dress made out of cargo pants. There’s even a hidden zippered pocket in the side seam near your arm that would be a perfect place to stash some emergency cash.

And you no longer have to worry about your bra straps showing. The dress has snaps under the shoulders to keep your straps secure. Told you they’ve thought of everything!



Travel Clothes for Men

And now on to the men’s line. Men might have it a bit easier in that most of their clothing already comes with pockets and zips, but they still want to look stylish. Bluffworks takes a modern look at the traditional pants, jeans, shirts and tees and adds their personal flare, functionality and style. These were Jules’ favorite pieces:


Zenith Dress Shirt

This travel dress shirt looks like a standard button down, but it’s so much easier to care for than your standard men’s dress shirt. It’s machine washable, wrinkle resistant and made of a comfortable stretch weave fabric. It’s also moisture wicking and has odor control, which is perfect for salsa dancing during those humid Colombian nights.

Not only does it have a ton of great qualities for a travel shirt, but it actually looks stylish! The Zenith Dress Shirt can be matched with some jeans or chinos if you want to look sharp, or even some shorts on a nice summer day.



They’ve even added little secret buttons underneath the collar to keep it from flying up. Jules loves that this shirt is comfortable enough to wear while climbing ancient ruins, but smart enough to step into a business meeting. He also loves that you can choose between a classic or slim fit.


Ascender Chinos

Every guy needs a pair of chinos in their life, and this might be your new favorite pair! First off, they are surprisingly stretchy. The waistband looks like a classic Chino, with the button, zipper and belt loops. It has a special stretch waistband, perfect for if you’ve had one too many tacos in Mexico!

Depending on your style you can go for a tailored fit or a regular fit to give you a little more breathing room, but even the tailored fit doesn’t restrict you too much thanks to the stretchy polyester material. When it comes to practicality for travel the Ascender Chinos have 10 total pockets! That’s right, 10! Including two pockets for your phone and three secret anti-theft zipper pockets. With these chinos you’ll not only look stylish, but you’ll also travel confidently knowing your pockets are protected.



The Ascender Chinos look great dressed down with a pain, but incredibly comfortable, men’s Threshold T-Shirt or dressed up with the Zenith Dress Shirt. They come in five different colors and are also wrinkle resistant for those days on the road where you don’t have time to iron!


Best Travel Jeans: Departure Jeans

If chinos aren’t your jam then check out the Departure Jeans for equally impressive men’s travel pants that offer practicality, durability and just look plain good! Like the chinos the Departure Jeans have ten pockets, with three anti-theft, concealed pockets. The jeans are made up primarily of Cotton (68%) and COOLMAX poleyster (22%) to provide stretchy, breathable jeans.

 Coming in both a slim fit and regular fit means you can choose how you prefer your cut. The Departure Jeans can be dressed up with a shirt or worn casually with a t-shirt. Tackle your travels head on with stylish travel jeans that are ready for action!



There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Finally a travel clothing line that has both the durability to last your craziest adventures, and the style to keep you looking fresh. We chose our favorite pieces from the men’s and women’s lines, but Bluffworks has much more to choose from. Head over to their site and let us know what you think!

Share Your Favorite Places Around the World with Localini

This article is a sponsored conversation between Localini and Don’t Forget To Move. As always, thoughts and opinions are our own and we would never recommend a product or service that we didn’t trust and fully support.

As full time travelers, we’re often asked for recommendations and suggestions for what to see, do and experience all over the world. We’re asked about the best restaurants in Cuba, the best bars in Rome, the best tours in Budapest. And while we’re more than happy to share our favorite places around the world with friends and family, it’s not always that easy.

Unless we’re writing about a specific location for our blog, those favorite places are usually pushed out of our memories as we keep traveling. We’ve tried to organize our lists on notebooks, websites and apps, but nothing has been easy enough to record and keep our ‘favorites’ lists in one easy place. Enter: Localini. This new app helps you record and organize lists of your favorite places around the world. It makes it super easy to share with friends and family interested in learning about your trip or visiting themselves! Here are some of the features we love about Localini:



1. The Creativity

With Localini you’re not limited to “# Places to Eat in X City.” You can create a list of anything you want! Browsing other people’s list is a great way to plan a trip while thinking outside of the box. Here are some of our favorite unique lists: “Top 10 Dog-friendly restaurants in SF”, “Best Place to Shoot a Viral Video in NYC” and “Where To Find The Perfect Muffuletta in New Orleans” (what’s a muffuletta? We’re not sure, but you can bet we’re gonna find out!) The creativity of these lists allows you to share your favorite quirky places around the world, and to learn about random spots you’d never think to visit.


2. You Can Follow Your Favorite “Tastemakers”

When you’re sharing your Localini lists, you’re not limited to just sending them directly to your best friend or favorite aunt. Trendy “tastemakers” like Thrillist and Refinery 29 are already jumping on the Localini bandwagon! It’s really fun to enter the city that you’re visiting and see what pops up! These lists are a great place to start your trip planning.



Heading to New York? Check out Thrillist’s “Every Food You Need To eat in NYC Before Summer’s Over.” Planning a trip to New Orleans? The Culture Trip has you covered with their list of “The 5 Best Places for Fried Chicken in New Orleans.” You can follow these accounts so you never miss new lists that they put out. What’s even better, you can comment to let them know when you loved a place they recommended, or to tell them about a new spot they left off the list!


3. You Can Explore New Places in Your Hometown

Even if you’re not planning a trip any time soon, Localini can help you discover new spots in your own city. It gets boring going to the same restaurants and bars all the time. Why not try being a tourist in your own town and find recommendations from other locals and travelers? Checking out lists from tourists visiting your city for the first time can help you see your hometown through new eyes.



4. It Can Help you Decide Where to Go

Not every list is location specific. Trip Advisor’s list “2017 Traveler’s Choice- World Hotels” has compiled their users favorite hotels from around the world and put them in an easy to read list. If you’re planning a trip but still not sure where to visit, lists like this can be incredibly helpful. With photos, locations and a link to Google reviews, it’s easy to continue researching if you want to learn more. 



5. The Maps Feature Makes it Super Easy

Forget trying to read your cousin’s scribbled map explaining where his favorite burrito spot in LA is. Localini syncs up to Google Maps on your phone and can give you detailed directions to anywhere on the list! Let’s face it, when you travel, Google Maps is a godsend. It’s saved our butts many time when we’ve started to wander into the wrong part of town. Being able to get directions to anywhere on your list makes it so much easier for yourself and travel friends you’re sharing your lists with.



6. It’s Not Just Travel

Yes, we’re travel-obsessed so we mostly use Localini for travel-related places, but the lists could really focus around any interests. Refinery29’s “Festival-worthy Dresses Under $100” or “Awesome Buys To Start The Month” are perfect for those of us that prefer to spend their money on dope new clothes for the summer rather than a vacation. You could use the app to find the best gyms in your area, or to compile a list of your favorite cafes to work from. The limits are endless!

Download the Localini app and let us know what your favorite feature is!

4 Tools To Keep You Organized On The Road

Anyone who has traveled knows how quickly even the most organized suitcases can go awry. By the end of the trip our bags look like small bombs have exploded inside of them, with clothes, toiletries and electronics mixed into one big clump. Slowly over the years, we’ve learned the key to keeping your bags organized: organization tools. There are some fantastic tools on the market that are perfectly designed to keep all of your travel accessories in their correct place. Here are our favorite travel organization tools:


1. ORGO 



This handy accessory is perfect for keeping all your small stuff in a neat container. The compact case is filled with pockets, zips and compartments to fit your items. Personally, I plan on using mine for my toiletries and makeup (goodbye messy makeup bag crammed with stuff!) The best part (ladies are going to love this) is that the sides slide out and it fits perfectly over a sink. That means you can do your skincare and makeup routine without having to worry about losing your favorite eyeliner down the drain. You’re also left with more valuable counter space which can be hard to come by in cramped hotel bathrooms. Here’s how it works: You unsnap two buttons on the side, slide open to fit the sink area and then use all your goodies!

ORGO isn’t just for makeup lovers; it can be used for lots of different items. Art supplies, toiletries, electronics. One feature we love about the case is that the dividers can be taken out and rearranged to fit your items. It really does have endless possibilities! ORGO is also compact enough so that it barely takes up any room in your suitcase. You can easily pack clothes around it and zip up your bag without having to have someone stand on it. Finally you can get rid of your bulky organizers and have something that actually fits conveniently in your suitcase!


2. Packing cells


If you’re packing for longer than a week, these are life savers. Packing cells make it easy to separate and organize clothes so you don’t have to destroy your bag just to pull out that one pair of pants you need. The cells come in different sizes and are perfect for separating tops, bottoms, underwear, socks and whatever else you may be bringing. The mesh material on the top makes it easy to peek inside and see where everything is. They’re super lightweight so they won’t push you over the weight maximum on airplanes.


3. Cable organizers


Anyone who travels with gadgets and gizmos is familiar with tangled cables. Between our laptops, cameras, cell phones, e-readers and headphones, we’ve easily got a dozen cords roaming freely around our bags. Inevitably, they all seem to find each other and form some sort of cord super knot. The best way to avoid hours of untangling is to use cable organizers. These can come in different shapes and sizes, from small spools to wrap your cords around to snap ties that keep cables in place. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be glad that you invested in something to keep your pesky cables organized.


4. Passport holder


A small passport holder may not seem like a crucial item for staying organized on the road, but it can really be a lifesaver. Protecting your passport is important. After years of traveling without one, my passport was so banged up that it wouldn’t scan and I was also forced to go to a special immigration desk every time I entered a new country. Not fun. A good holder will protect your passport, as well as have extra slots for important documents like your itinerary, boarding pass or credit cards.


Organizers may not be the most exciting things you pack on your travels, but they can be absolute life savers. Traveling can be stressful enough, there’s no reason to add to that stress with a messy bag. With ORGO, packing cells and the other items on this list you’ll feel prepared before you leave, so you can focus more time on finding the best experiences during your travels and less on finding your toothbrush.

Travel the United States and Stay Connected with US Mobile

Full disclosure, this is a sponsored post and US Mobile reached out to us to help spread the word about their service. Of course we happily obliged as we are already using their SIMs and have recommended them to friends, family and our audience in the past. As always, we would never endorse a product that we didn’t test and fully recommend.


As a full-time travel influencer it’s fair to say a solid Internet connection is one of the most important things to my job. Whenever I’m traveling around the world for work, I’ve got to stay connected and have access to the online world. Whether I’m Tweeting about a new restaurant I visited, sharing my travel experiences over a Facebook Live video or posting a sweet drone picture on Instagram, I always want to have access to the Internet when I’m on the road. For me, being online isn’t just about work, it’s also about being able to find out interesting information about the places I visit, connecting with friends around the world and enhancing my travel experience through technology.



Why Stay Connected While Traveling?

In today’s travel environment everything is online. You can book your flights, hotel stay, restaurant reservations and even your transport without ever talking to a single person. While we don’t recommend traveling and being glued to your phone, it is pretty handy having access to so much information right at your fingertips.

For me, and many others traveling around the world, having a good SIM card is the key to staying in touch and informed while on the road. Having a phone connected for calls, texts and data gives you the freedom to get lost and explore, while still maintaining a presence if people need to reach you. Also, it’s great to have an actual phone number that you can use to call ahead to double check opening times, make reservations or simply stay in touch with the people you meet on the road.



Buying a US Mobile SIM Card

When I’m in the United States I always get my phone hooked up with US Mobile. It has made traveling, staying connected and organizing my travels so much easier. The best part, US Mobile gives you the flexibility to pick and choose the prepaid (pay-as-you-go) plan that suits your travels. All you need is an unlocked phone and you’re good to go.



With their super flexible plans (392 different combinations to be exact!), US Mobile literally has something for everyone. Big talker, but don’t need data? Got you covered! Hate talking on the phone and only need text and data? You got it! And the best part about US mobile plans is that you don’t have to be locked into ridiculously long contract arrangements. With US Mobile you can change your plan every single month if you want, or add extra features, as you need them. Know you’re going on a big trip in July? Upgrade your data package from 1gb at $14, to 4gb for only $20! The next month you can go back down to 1gb, or even less if you won’t be using it.



Setting up US Mobile SIM Card

When I first traveled to the States back in 2010 I had no idea how SIM cards worked or how to set one up… so I didn’t get one. This time around I was much more prepared and happy to be connected for the times that matter most. The only thing easier than setting up your US Mobile plan is setting up your SIM. All you need to do is visit the homepage, click ‘Get SIM’ and then order your SIM card. It only costs $3.99 to buy and it’ll arrive in 3-7 days to any US based address. When your SIM arrives, jump back onto US Mobile and set up an account. Once inside the US Mobile dashboard you can activate your SIM and then pick exactly the monthly plan that works for you. It’s literally as simple as that.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it, head over to TrustPilot to see US Mobile’s exceptional rating of 9.5/10 and to read many more happy customers reviews on their website.


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