Casino Vacation Ideas for 2023

There’s no denying the last few years have been rough for the world. It’s also been especially hard on travel.  Given the travel restrictions, lockdowns, quarantine and everything else, it’s no wonder everyone is dying to take a vacation! And if you enjoy mixing a vacation with a splash of casinos then it’s been extra hard to combine the thrill of a new destination with the chance of winning it big!

If you’re like us and enjoy the odd dabble in the casinos, playing slots or enjoying the tables, then recent travel restrictions have made that tough. And while casino destinations are starting to open up again for travel, there are still a lot of people that are hesitant about hitting a packed hotel to try their luck. Thankfully we live in an increasingly more accessible digital world and you can now check out online casinos from the comfort and safety of your own home. Slap together a casino themed night, put on your most stylish outfit and check out JackpotCity online casino to relive the excitement and fun of winning big from your home.

Og course nothing quite beats playing in a live casino, so when the world does finally get back to normal and everyone starts traveling to casinos again, here are some of the world’s best casino vacation destinations:


Las Vegas

Arguably the most famous casino location in the world, this Nevada city has everything you could ever want for a casino vacation. The range of casinos is vast, so no matter what level of player you are, there is something for you. Most casinos are built into hotel resorts, so you can literally eat, sleep and game without having to go outside and brave the hot Nevada heat.



Las Vegas is not far from the Arizona border, so you can easily hire a car and take a few days out to visit the delight of the state, which includes the Grand Canyon. If you are a relatively new player, or traveling with people who do not appreciate casinos, Vegas is the perfect option as the entertainment options are endless.

While in town, apart from hitting the floor, take advantage of some Vegas shows. There’s the ever popular Blue Man group, multiple Cirque du Soleil productions, magic shows and all of your favorite washed up pop stars who now call Vegas home.


Monte Carlo

Featured in Bond films, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is for you if you want to combine elegant luxury with a spin on the roulette wheel or a high rolling game of poker. The complex features opera, ballet, theater, and fine dining restaurants situated in Monaco, a billionaire’s playground. While you’re there, be sure to don a black tuxedo and order a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, to feel even more like James Bond himself.



Venturing out into wider Monaco is an experience in itself. The concentration of performance cars and yachts is truly remarkable, and the French city of Nice and the Italian cities of Genoas and Turin are within reach if you want to extend your vacation.

Incidentally, Cannes, the famous film festival location is a few miles south-west. Time it right, and you could have a wonderful vacation taking in gaming and film.



Montecasino in Johannesburg offers a great alternative to western casino environments. Although not radically different in setup, the casino offers a reward card where the more you play, the bigger the jackpots. There are three tier levels of play, Gold, Platinum, and Black. If you’re a regular player then this is the spot for you to check out during your South Africa travels.



As well as gaming, there are a lot of high quality entertainment options to experience. The hotels offer excellent fine dining, insightful cultural experiences and amazing shows at an affordable rate.

If you want more than just a casino vacation while in Johannesburg don’t forget to explore some other parts of the city as well. The city has an interesting history and you can learn a lot about the apartheid and the struggles that engulfed the city during this time period. Visit the Apartheid Museum or Mandela’s House to learn about the impact it had on South Africa.



For something spectacular, head over to Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands casinos. Towering high into the sky is the futuristic Sands SkyPark. Its observation deck offers panoramic views of the city, and if you’re staying in the hotel, you should take a dip in the rooftop infinity pool before catching a bite to eat in one of the restaurants.



Gaming wise, you’ll find a full range of casinos, regardless of what level of player you are. Given that you’ll be in the heart of the entertainment district, you’ll also find plenty to do while contemplating a strategy for your next casino session, or taking a break from that untimely loosing streak.

While traveling in Singapore be sure to visit the Gardens by the Bay for the phenomenal night show of lights. This futuristic light forest is one of the most amazing things to do in Singapore!

Top 3 Warm Places to Visit During Winter

As the summer sun slowly drops below the horizon the entry into winter can be a brutal one. The days get shorter, colder and generally less exciting as people start to bunker down for the winter months. Sure there’s the excitement around the holidays. Carving a pumpkin, maybe decorating a tree, but let’s be honest, after a few winter weeks the novelty starts to wear off.

And while summer might feel like a lifetime away, there is an escape… find a warm place to visit during the winter. That’s right! Dig out those bikinis and board shorts and head off to one of the many places around the world that experience beautiful weather while the rest of North America and Europe suffer the dark days.



Here are our top four warm destinations to visit during winter if you need a break from the cold:



The Land Down Under isn’t just a popular song about Australia from the early 1980s, it’s the whole reason to visit Australia during a North American / European winter. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia has the exact opposite in seasons compared to the US and anyone else located in the Northern Hemisphere.

While the rest of the world approaches its darkest days in December, Australia is getting ready to embrace the summer sun. And not only is the weather getting better in Australia come late December, but it’s also a great time to visit. In the week leading up to Christmas the country comes alive, as everyone takes summer holiday time off.



Unlike a lot of places around the world, Australians have quite a lot of holiday vacation time in their work. And they’re not afraid to use it to enjoy this time of year that includes Christmas, New Years Eve and any other excuse for Aussies to have a party. Expect bars to buzz with excitement, beaches full of good times, parks busy grilling up sausages (and maybe a few shrimps on the barbie) and lots of energy around social events.

If you’re looking to avoid the busy vacation crowds of Australia your best bet is to visit towards the end of January or early February. In Melbourne and Sydney, arguably the best cities to visit on the eastern coast, the hottest weather tends to come towards the end of January. Although Melbourne is infamously called the city with ‘four seasons in a day’ so take the weather predictions with a grain of salt.



A personal favorite of ours to visit. Not just because we spent a year volunteering in Peru, but because Peru is such a historically rich and diverse country with so many different cultures and terrains to visit.



Lima in particular is an awesome spot to visit during winter because between January and March the weather sits at a perfect 80F with no days of rain. Start your winter escape in Peru’s capital with some world class, fine dining. Lima restaurants are famous for a reason! The unique blends of Peruvian cuisine, along with influences from Asia and Europe, make it a culinary heaven for foodies. If you’re looking to visit Lima this winter be sure to check out Iberostar’s early bird Black Friday vacation deals to find a great value stay at their Miraflores location in Lima.



Lima is also the perfect jumping off point for many other Peruvian adventures. Venture east into the Amazon jungle to experience the wildly isolated city of Iquitos, the largest city in the world inaccessible by land. The only way to explore it is via flight, or the tranquil trip down the Amazon river in an overnight ferry.

Head north for the beautiful beaches of the Peruvian coastline at places like Mancora and its surrounding beaches. For a different change of pace, and altitude, head south to Cusco to explore the ancient Incan cities and the wondrous Machu Picchu.



Just a quick fight south from North America, and relatively close from western Europe, is a perfect winter escape in Mexico. January is right in the middle of the dry season, so along with perfect warm weather you won’t have to worry about the downpours.

Mexico is a massive country, with the two main beach vacation locations situated on the north west or south east coasts. On the west you have destinations like Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, on the east you have a plethora of options dotted throughout the Yucatan peninsula.



If you’re on the west coast of North America it’s a very easy flight down to our personal favorite spot Sayulita. Fly into Puerto Vallarta and then take a 30min taxi ride north to this rustic little beach town. Days are spent lounging around on the beach, bouncing between different taco stands as you eat your way through the town.

On the other side of the country is the Yucatan Peninsula, which is well known for its high rise resorts and turquoise waters. Merida, Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen are all top destinations to visit if you’re looking for warm places to stay in winter.

Whichever place you decide you’re bound to have a good time in Mexico during the winter. Swap out warm soups, cuddled up in blankets for ice cold beers and $1 street tacos on the beach. Now that sounds like the perfect way to spend a winter escape to me!

Top 3 Family Friendly Places to Stay in Mykonos 

The Greek island of Mykonos might be synonymous with lavish nightclubs and partying through the night (think Ibiza in Spain), but there’s a lot more to this Mediterranean marvel than rich celebrities cruising around on yachts and college students drinking themselves into a stupor.

And while Mykonos certainly does present itself as a party mecca and a cosmopolitan hot spot in the Mediterranean, it also has a rich history and distinctive Greek island charms and allure for tourists and families to explore.

Sugary white beaches, crystal clear waters, an idyllic shoreline, scenic whitewashed houses and chalky chapels with blue domes overlook the Aegean Sea. Along with relaxing by these pristine beaches there’s also a lot of exciting water sports and other actives to enjoy while you soak in the sun, sand and surf of world famous Mykonos.

Planning a trip with the family, but don’t know location in Mykonos is the most suited place for you? Come with us, as we avoid the large crowds and partying masses, and dive into the top three family friendly places to stay in Mykonos.




Ornos is a picturesque region less than a mile from the island’s capital. The area combines the great nightlife of Mykonos Town with delicious restaurants, shops, sandy beaches, relatively shallow waters, as well as lots of opportunities for scuba diving and swimming.

The area of Ornos has absolutely spellbinding views of the island, along with more peaceful experiences. It’s also a great spot to find exclusive accommodation with top-tier amenities like outdoor kitchens, basketball courts, breakfast bars and infinity pools. This is one of the main drawing cards for families, as there are plenty of amenities to keep the kids occupied while you also enjoy your Greece getaway.

Ornos is also close to the island’s main transportation network, which makes it easy to get around the rest of the island, especially with a family. Whether you’re planning a sightseeing tour, or just want to go and explore, it’s easily accessible by car. And if you want to swap out the car for a water taxi, Ornos is also an excellent spot to start a beach-hopping adventure. Jump on a taxi boat and visit the most popular (and more secluded options) along the coastline.



Platis Gialos

If Ornos is a little too close to the craziness of  Mykonos Town, and you want to pamper your family with more tranquillity and secluded beaches, then Platis Gialos is a perfect alternative. The scenery is absolutely stunning and there are a number of little coves to explore that surround the area.

As for the beach itself, it’s magnificent! With fine sand, transparent waters and the most idyllic views of the archipelago, you can’t go wrong here. One of the main family friendly appeals for Platis Gialos it that is has a lot more space for the little ones to enjoy. Kids, and some adults too, will love the space to run around and make sandcastles on uncrowded beaches, especially if you come early in the morning.

As the kids run the amok around the beach, you can nestle under an umbrella, kick up your feet on a lounger and enjoy a refreshingly cold cocktail from one of the nearby beach bars or restaurants.

Aside from its beauty one of the best things about Platis Gialos is that you can rent a magnificent villa just a few yards from the beach, making an early morning walk on the beach, or multiple trips throughout the day, a lot easier with families.



Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is another fantastic option if you want to experience the more laid-back and chilled side of Mykonos. It’s one of the less visited locations in Mykonos, but it’s just as striking. The slight isolation from the main town areas makes it another great option for family friendly places to stay in Mykonos.

Situated on the northern side of the island, Agios Stefanos will leave you with a sense of total bliss and rejuvenation, with its wind protected, sandy shores and some unbelievably mind blowing sunsets.The location is well connected by both sea and land, which means that you can easily visit anything inside Mykonos, or even the neighboring island of Delos.

There’s also stunning accommodation on offer in Agios Stefanos, with impressive villas and combo units that can sleep up to 20 people. The villas come with facilities like private pools, several lounge areas, a built-in BBQ, outdoor kitchen and bar, a fully equipped inside kitchen and gorgeous seascapes.



Which Family Friendly Spot in Mykonos is Right For You?

This is barely an exhaustive list of the best family friendly places to stay in Mykonos, so if you’re looking for more options you can also try Agios Lazaros and Aleomandra regions on the south-west, Kalafatis and Kalo Livadi on the south-east, and Agia Sophia on the west.

And if you want to be in the action, and don’t mind the partying crowds and the music from the bars going well into the night, you could even consider a villa with full amenities in Mykonos Town. Regardless of where you end up, the island of Mykonos is an excellent place to stay with the family from end to end!

8 Best Places to Visit In Doha

Welcome to Doha, the fast paced, growing metropolitan capital city of Qatar. Located on the northeastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, based on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Doha is the epicenter of Qatar finance, politics and city life.

Over the last decade it has also emerged as a growing tourist destination with over 2 million annual visitors arriving in Qatar. And while the oil and gas industry is still the main export for Qatar, tourism has expanded to become a significant income source and opportunity for growth within the smaller communities.

Doha is easy to travel to, with plenty of affordable flights with Etihad Airways to Hamad International Airport of Doha. And as the tourism industry grows, so do the number of fun and exciting tourist attractions for visitors. We’ll take a look at the top 8 places to visit in Doha for those new to the city.



Popular Places to Visit in Doha

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a huge marketplace in Doha where you can find all different kinds of traditional attire, local handicrafts, spices and souvenirs at an affordable price. If you’re looking to bring a bit of Qatar home with you, or buy gifts for friends and family, this is the place. Inside the market there are also several restaurants and hookah lounges if you want to stop for food and some atmosphere while you shop.

This souq was founded more than a hundred years ago to help assist trade between the local Doha residents and the nomadic Bedouins. The current souq building was renovated back in 2006 by the Qatar government and now boasts some more modern amenities.  If you happen to be visiting in April keep an eye out for the annual Spring festival, featuring music, theatre, acrobatics and a wrestling championship.



Katara Cultural Village

This area was constructed to host the Doha Tribeca Film Festival back in October 2010, with the event now an annual opportunity for promoting Arabic films. The space has an amphitheater, a large conference hall, a multipurpose cinema hall, an opera house and a souq (market) beside the beach.

It’s named after Katar, which is the old name of Qatar, in order to pay homage to the ancient culture of the land.


Katara Beach

The white sands of Katara Beach, just a short drive north of Doha downtown, is the perfect city getaway for some sun and sea. The beach is located inside Katara Cultural Village, another area of Doha known for its scenic beauty and serene environment.

Katara is a private beach, so tourists will need to buy passes to visit, but there are a host of different activities to enjoy once you’re there. Along with some beach volley ball and swimming there’s also water skiing, parasailing, boating, kneeboarding, scuba diving, kitesurfing, riding a gondola and windsurfing. There are also several cafes and restaurants close to the beach where tourists can enjoy snacks, lunch or a cold drink after a day at the beach.



National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar was opened in 1975, and its current building was inaugurated in 2019. Visitors to the museum can marvel at the different costumes, jewelry and household items of Bedouin and other local tribes. Soak in the history and culture of the land through archaeological artifacts, books, decorative items, and historical documents that are displayed.

The galleries of the museum are arranged into three different themes, each set out in chronological order so it’s easy to follow the historical timeline of Qatar. You can also find Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani’s Palace located on the museum grounds.



Museum of Islamic Art

While you’re getting local history fix, don’t forget to check out the Museum of Islamic Art. This museum is located on an artificial peninsula at one end of the Doha Corniche. It’s close to Dhow Harbor, which overlooks the southern part of Doha Bay. The museum building was specifically designed and constructed according to Islamic architecture, combined with some modern geometric patterns.

It has a huge collection of artifacts related to Islamic art, such as textiles, jewelry, metal works, woodworks, ceramic and glass items. The artifact collection spans the globe, with items coming from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, India, Spain and throughout Central Asia.


Pearl Qatar

Pearl Qatar is an artificial island in Doha that is the only place in Qatar where foreigners can own homes. This four square kilometer residential area was designed by the Callison architecture firm and expanded by the United Development Company. For this reason alone it’s an interesting area to visit.

Its name comes from the pearl diving site on which this island is developed. The entire area is divided into 12 districts, each representing a specific architectural style, including European, Arabic and Mediterranean. One district named Abraj Quartier has two towers housing only commercial establishments.



Doha Corniche

This 5 mile long waterfront walkway runs the length of Doha Bay and is a prominent tourist attraction of the city. This popular walking and jogging spot is lined with palm tress and has beautiful views of the bay and an interesting look at the modern architecture of the city. Development continues to stretch the length of the walkway, now pushing even further north with several new skyscrapers.

The Doha Corniche is divided into three main parts; namely Corniche Park and Promenade, Corniche Street, and the Government zone. The Museum of Islamic Art and Sheraton Hotel are two prominent landmarks of the Corniche.



One more museum to check out while in Doha is the Mathaf, an Arab museum of modern art. It was inaugurated in 2010 and its name means ‘museum’ in Arabic. This building covers an area of 5500 square meters in the Education City of Doha, displaying more than 9000 sculptures and paintings of the Arab world. Most of these items were donated by Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammad Al Thani and are now managed by  the Qatar Museum Authority.

Travel to Kuwait: A Country Full of Beauty and History

Kuwait is a beautiful country that people rarely mention when suggesting new places to travel. Tucked right above the Persian Gulf, this tiny country has one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world to commemorate its freedom, overshadowing the authentic beauty of its number of mosques, museums, and other historic sites. History buffs would be thrilled to discover all of the things they didn’t know about traveling to Kuwait; but better yet, they could discover them firsthand by visiting Kuwait.

Kuwait Visa

The Kuwait visa form can be a rigorous process depending on your country’s standing with the government of Kuwait. However, one common myth is that someone who has visited Israel is barred from visiting Kuwait. Since 2013, Israel has not been stamping passwords, instead placing stickers on them. This does not establish an official visit to the country, which would otherwise prevent passports with Israeli stamps from entering Kuwait. Some other countries are barred from entering Kuwait, but most will be eligible for a 90-day single entry tourist visa into Kuwait.

The Grand Mosque

Kuwait’s passion and dedication to its religious practices express themselves in many forms, one of which being the architecture of religious sites. One of the greatest experiences is to view the inside the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City. With the azure Persian Gulf sitting in its backdrop, this outer design resembles a miniature Taj Mahal. But given the understanding of its importance to the people, it becomes a holy site for even an outsider.



The inside is not flashy, but that only adds to the feeling you get from the outside. It would seem opulent, or too distracting, to adorn the inside with immaculate decorations when the real purpose of the building is religious ceremony. You can feel the energy that was spent purely on prayer and congregation, and not on interior design. It’s truly breathtaking.

Of course, there are many other palaces and mosques in the city inspired by similar architectural thought, and while none are as significant as the Grand Mosque, others may be more picturesque. The Iam Baqir mosque, for example, is decorated by color and pulsating effect.

Sadu House

Somewhere in between the deeply religious, yet multi-ethnic, history of Kuwait, and its more recent history of Westernization driven by their economics for the future, lies the history of the Bedouin people. These people are a nomadic Arab group who inhabited Kuwait, among many other countries. Their most significant landmark in Kuwait is the Sadu House, built to protect and consolidate the culture of the Bedouins.



This is a place where Bedouins still live, but also where a large part of their regional history is preserved. Their ancestors were passionate about Sadu weaving – dying, spinning, and coloring wool into geometric patterns – and modern-day Bedouins offer a glimpse into their craft at the Sadu House. While much of Kuwait’s geographic history is tied to the sea, this section of Kuwait history focuses on the desert, where the Bedouins lived nomadically for centuries.

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are an imposing monument. Standing at 614 feet, they rank among the tallest towers in the world and serve as a testament to the progress of Kuwait as a country. Visitors can enjoy the sights of the towers from almost anywhere in the city, but to find them up close and personal, you have to witness them at the ground level. There, you may also want to catch a glimpse of the city and the restaurants located inside of these towers. For a reasonable entrance fee, you’ll be able to do that. The three towers have a peculiar, bulb-shaped design. They were originally also functioning as water towers, and one of them still holds some reserve water for the city. Kuwait gets paltry amount of rain water throughout the year, which is very common to the region.


Kuwait City Waterfronts

Kuwait’s Musical Fountain Park attracts a lot of tourists because, for one, it is designed to host a large number of attendees. The famous park, located nearby the Kuwait City Towers, engulfs multiple square miles; at certain points in the park, one can forget they are surrounded by the city, encapsulated in a nature center of its own.

The park is structured like a more Western park, complete with winding, roundabouts walkways with natural attractions complementing either side of the passersby throughout the stroll. The stark contrast to a Westernized type of park is most notably at the central fountain in the park, where the music blaring attracts locals and tourists alike. The music is akin to the flavor of the region, which is generally a hybrid of local and more Western styles.

The songs are usually comprised of upbeat tempo alongside string instruments and drum sounds uncommon in popular Western music. When situated alongside a very melodic set of vocals, which are usually sung in a deep male voice in Arabic, the songs can feel both soothing and potent. But since many of the same music popular in the West is also popular in Kuwait, there is commonly a dualistic element of Western music with regards to structure and ethos.

On the other hand, may of the songs contain fundamentally religious themes whereas most popular Western music is generally secular. Sometimes a lush cultural experience entirely different from your own can be most easily expressed by music. This attraction presents a grand opportunity for someone unfamiliar with the culture of the country, or even the region, to immerse themselves by way of music.

Kubbar Island Trip

If after a long night a curious visitor still has some energy left to burn, Kuwait City does not suffer from a lack of beachfront to trek. Moreover, the city has popular oases and islands accessible by ferry, some at any hour of the day. Kobar Island is one popular oasis destination that has received near universal acclaim for its secluded, yet increasingly popular, sense of serene beauty. There are relaxing terraces as well as beaches, both contributing to its unique atmosphere. Within the same horizon of the Persian Gulf sits these imposing, stone bridges, granting the best of both worlds; the calmness of the beach mixed with the extravagance of architecture synonymous with the Persian Gulf.

There is seemingly no end to the many different types of waterfront attractions in Kuwait City. In addition to these beaches, islands and indoor pools there is also the Al Kout nearby, a popular tourist attraction for those who want to feel surrounded by azure gulf in the comforts of a total oasis. When considering the endless options for waterfront attractions just within Kuwait City, the natural beauty is inescapable.

7 Reasons Young Travelers Will Love River Cruising

Let’s be honest, river cruising is probably not the first thing young travelers think of when planning their next holiday. Cruising in general, both across the ocean and river, has a stigma for being slow, boring and geared more toward older travelers. And this may have been true ten years ago, but these days riving cruising has really stepped up its game. Perfect for couples, newlyweds, or groups of friends, there are plenty of things to love about river cruises for young travelers.


The Food

One of our favorite travel quotes is: “You have to taste a culture to understand it.” If you’re a total foodie traveler, you’ll love the delicious selection aboard a river cruise. Many ships have award-winning chefs onboard ready to whip up gourmet meals for guests. Menus vary, but local cuisine from wherever you’re cruising through is often featured, which means you can literally get a taste of the local flavor while enjoying the gorgeous scenery.


The Side Tours

While the river cruising price tag may be a bit daunting to budget travelers, it’s worth noting that the cost includes a wide variety of side tours! Travelers that are concerned about going stir-crazy on the ship will be stoked with the tours that are available. From chill walking tours of the city to more vigorous hikes and adventure activities, there’s something for every energy level.


Getting Off The Beaten Track

River cruising may feel like a strictly European thing, but you can actually take cruises all around the world! For those adventurous travelers that want to get off the beaten track, there are plenty of options to suit your trip. AmaWaterways offers river cruises through Myanmar as well as various destinations throughout Africa. River cruising is perfect for destinations like these that might not have a super strong tourism infrastructure. You can also explore unique destinations with the safety and support of knowledgeable guides.



Taste of Luxury

River cruising is a luxurious experience for all travelers. But if you’re a young traveler, used to the rugged lifestyle of hostel living, this will be a particularly special trip. Kick back and enjoy all the luxuries on board that make a river cruise so unique. From the staff, to the accommodations, to the food, every detail is carefully curated to make it a relaxing and memorable experience. Travelers are treated like royalty and you’ll enjoy a taste of the high life, even if only for a week.


Sip on a Complimentary Drink (or 4)

If you’re a younger traveler worried about getting stuck with a fuddy-duddy, uptight ship crew, have no fear. While a river cruise may not be the wild party scene you’ll find in Cancun or Ibiza, there are plenty of opportunities to let your hair down. Did you know that some river cruises include complimentary fine wine and beer with lunch and dinner? That means every night you can unwind with a delicious glass of local wine and reflect on your day. Or amp it up a bit and mingle with new people over some beers before a dip in the hot tub.



Chillax on the Ship

In your downtime (or on those days after drinking a few too many complimentary beers), you may feel like chilling out. River cruises will have a variety of amenities to take advantage of when you need some relax time. Most ships will have either a pool or Jacuzzi (or both!) for a relaxing dip. Other common amenities include lounges, game rooms and libraries. Perfect for swapping stories with new traveler friends or cuddling up solo with a good book.


Slow Travel

Young travelers often make the mistake of trying to cram too many places into their trip. While you may see more places, you’ll only be able to skim the surface of each destination, leaving little time to delve deep into somewhere you really love. River cruising forces you to travel a bit slower. You’ll still get to visit a fair few cities, but instead of racing around in airplanes or buses, you’ll have plenty of downtime to relax and reflect in between destinations. You’ll also get to take in the amazing landscapes and sceneries at a leisurely pace.


The Rooms

Forget the cramped window-less rooms of cruising nightmares, the rooms on river cruises are nice. More like suites, rooms often have a balcony overlooking the river and have pretty much every amenity you would need, including Wi-Fi! What’s better than making your friends back home jealous by Instagramming from your private balcony along the river Seine? #thegoodlife



Choose a Tour to Suit Your Taste

Not all river cruises are alike: in fact, many are wildly different from one another. Rest assured, you can always find one that caters to your specific tastes and interests. AmaWaterways, for example, offers wine cruises that just can’t be missed if you enjoy the odd glass. Traveling around Europe, sipping on some delicious vino? Yes please! Wine lovers will fall in love with Europe, while getting to know different destinations through the local wine selection. At each destination you’ll be stopping at historic vineyards and wine cellars, meeting with local wine experts. Not much of a wine drinker? Maybe you’d enjoy art cruises where you not only get to visit famous art destinations (like the real life setting for Monet’s lily pond paintings), but try your hand at creating some of your own art on board!


There are a million reasons you’ll love river cruising, but these are just a few of our favs. If you’re still not convinced, have a look online for some of the cruises available. There’s such a wide selection, you’re bound to find one perfect for you. And don’t forget to send us a photo as you sip wine over your private balcony!


This post has been sponsored by AmaWaterways. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Why Traveling To Iceland Is So Hot Right Now

Is it just us, or has Iceland suddenly become the world’s hottest travel destination? Iceland remained a fairly under-the-radar place to visit until recently. Now photos of friends’ recent trips to this chilly country seem to be blowing up our news feed and everyday more and more travelers are booking tickets. So what’s the deal?  Why has Iceland become such a popular place to visit? From gorgeous landscapes to friendly people, this country has a lot to offer. Here’s why Iceland is so hot right now.



Mystical Landscapes

There’s a reason so many travelers are donning their ski jackets and bearing the cold. Tourists are drawn to Iceland because of its stunning natural beauty. The landscape is nothing short of mystical. The scenary promises an endless series of snow-covered volcanoes, mountains and ice fields. With a rugged, “other-worldly” terrain, the Nordic icy views are like nothing you’ll see in the rest of the world.




Don’t Forget To Move readers will know how important responsible and sustainable travel is to us (if you don’t, read about our passion for it here). We love tour operators and hotels that focus on eco-friendly initiatives. Lucky for us, it’s not just a couple hotels, but the whole darn country that is eco-friendly! In fact, Iceland has the cleanest energy consumption in the world! The tourism board of Iceland is committed to keeping the environmental impact of tourism low by supporting tours, hotels and activities that protect the environment. Seriously, does it get any better?



Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a childhood dream of mine. There’s something special about seeing such a spectacular show that is 100% natural. What makes them even more special is their elusiveness. The conditions have to be just right to witness this beautiful phenomenon, so the more time you have in Iceland, the better chance you’ll have of seeing them. Which is fine by us, I’m sure we can find plenty of things to do in Iceland to entertain ourselves!



Blue Lagoon

One of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions is the Blue Lagoon, and rightly so. This geothermal spa is filled with mineral enriched water that exfoliates the skin. There’s also a waterfall that spits heated water, and standing underneath it feels like a warm massage. To be fair, we’ve heard mixed reviews including complaints about long lines, crowded water and overpriced admission. But as Lonely Planet says, visiting Iceland and not seeing the Blue Lagoon is like going to Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower. You really can’t miss it.



Road Tripping

When you think of traveling around Iceland, you may not imagine doing it on a road trip. But Iceland self-drive tours are super popular. The 830-mile Ring Road circles the whole country and hits popular stops along the way. The best part of an Icelandic road trip is being able to stop whenever you find a landscape particularly breathtaking. In the summer the sun shines until midnight, leaving you will plenty of daylight to explore your surroundings. If you’re not sure about taking a road trip in Iceland, then you can still experience the country with the many amazing Iceland tours on offer!




If you need a little action to break up those quiet, scenic drives, Reykjavik is the spot to be. It may be small, but this northernmost capital city is packed with restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and more. A super walkable city, Reykjavik has plenty to do for budget travelers including free activities like checking out the local street art or enjoying the parks. This hip little city seems like the perfect spot to kick back for a few days and experience life like a local.

Ibiza: Beaches By Day, Party By Night

Most travelers have heard tales of the wild parties of Ibiza, pumping throughout the night well into the next day. Some may have even been lucky enough to experience the island first hand. Most of what Jules and I have heard about Ibiza has come from Nala, a 40-something fire dancer who has spent many high-seasons working at some of the island’s most famous nightclubs. She’s told us wild stories of round the clock dancing at one of the world’s best party spots. For us, Ibiza still remains an elusive item on our bucket list, but we’ve already planned out our trip for sometime in the (hopefully) not so distant future.



Best Nightclub

We’ll get straight down to it because we know you’re probably going to Ibiza for one thing- the party. Choosing the best nightclub in Ibiza is like choosing your favorite child; it’s almost impossible. But if we’re going to narrow it down, we couldn’t miss the chance to hit up Privilege. Awarded the Guinness World record for the biggest club in the world, this spot fits up to 10,000 people! Every night of the week they have something awesome going on here, including Europe’s biggest paint party on Mondays. Not only is the club outfitted in super lux style, but the main room has a huge pool you can dance above!



Best Accommodation

If you’re going to be partying up in the clubs all night, you’re going to need an equally luxurious place to catch up on your sleep. Okay, you probably won’t be doing that much sleeping on Ibiza, but you still want your luxuries for when you need to finally crash and recharge. Forget staying in a sweaty, packed hostel. If you’re in Ibiza, you’re going to want to indulge a bit. And what better way to experience Ibiza than in a private villa? Check out Airbnb for a range of different listing to fit your budget.



Best Lounge Beach

While it would be easy to spend your time alternating between the lavish nightclubs and your gorgeous accommodation, the beaches on Ibiza are definitely worth checking out. In particular, the hidden coves of Cala Tarida shouldn’t be missed. This area is a refreshingly lesser-known beach spot and a good escape from Ibiza’s crowds. The white sands and turquoise water of Cala Tarida draw a more local crowd, allowing a more authentic experience. Pull up a towel, take your top off (this is Spain, after all) and enjoy a brief snooze before it’s back to the party!

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