2 Days in Venice | Things to See and Do in Italy

Venice, Italy is a city of romance, good food, fine wine, and the epitome of la dolce vita;  a life of indolence and self-indulgence. It’s no wonder why people from around the world flock to this city every year. By using this guide, you won’t just be another face in a crowd full of tourists. We’ll share with you the very best of Venice in two days. 

Although a trip to Venice can be crowded and a little over your monthly budget, this floating city is so charmingly rustic that spending any amount of time here is worth it. From the iconic gondolas to the beautiful Doge’s Palace, getting lost in this city maze of narrow streets and tiny canals is truly magical.  

This Venice itinerary will give you the best of both worlds: the city’s local gems and tourist attractions. Our Venice 2 day itinerary will open your eyes to discover what makes this Italian city so enchanting.


Venice in 2 Days

Is 48 hours enough? What are the things to see in Venice, Italy in 2 days? There is plenty to do in such a short space of time and of course and since time is of the essence, you can definitely make the most of Venice in two days.

We recommend that within your 2 days in Venice, Italy, you avoid swarms of people during the day and rather sightsee at night. The buzz of the city during the day drops to a low hum at night. Two nights in this beautiful city is magical and if love is in the air, this is one way to busk in it.



Venice Itinerary 2 Days

The moment you land in Italy, we promise that you’ll be itching to make this city your playground. Luckily, Venice is a city run by pedestrians so wear your most comfortable shoes and put on your Fitbit; it’s time to get in your steps. 


Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Venice. There is so much history to learn here and with its marble floors and gilded walls, it’s a gorgeous sight as well. This is also where you can walk across the Bridge of Sighs and see the view it is so famous for. 

 Once open, people flood in and it can become a stampede of tourists eager to take in the enormity of the palace. We recommend booking a day pass ticket or joining a group tour to avoid long lines.


Piazza San Marco 

This is one place you will probably be passing by a lot through your 2-day stay. But nothing beats the sight of the Piazza San Marco when nobody is around. Try coming here early in the morning or at night to admire its opulence. If you time things perfectly, you can have a morning espresso from Caffe Florianthe world’s oldest coffee shop, and watch the sunrise.



Gelato di Natura

No matter how young or old you are, everyone has a sweet tooth and Gelato di Natura is happy to cater to its needs. Here you can sample some of Venice’s delicious, creamy rich Gelato flavors. Take note, there are dozens of Gelato di Natura shops pinned all around Venice. So if you miss one, don’t panic, there’s sure to be another around the corner.


Campo Santo Stefano

The town square of Campo Santo Stefano is a swift change from the Venetian maze-like passages and alleyways. This is an open area filled with an assortment of cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. All surrounded by multiple churches and brightly painted facades. 


Mercato di Rialto 

There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of local farmers or fishermans markets. The Mercato di Rialto specializes in fresh seafood, with a couple of stalls dedicated to organic produce. 

Even if you have no intention to make a home-cooked meal on your 2-day vacay, the market showcases a charm and authenticity to Venice that tourists rarely get to see.



Gondola Rides

It would be heartless of us not to mention a canal ride in this Italian city. When you think of Venice you cannot picture it without a gondola or two. If you’re tired of sightseeing on foot, explore the city this way instead. Pro tip: not all gondola rides are the same. There are three types available: a private gondola, a shared gondola, and the Vaporetto (a boat taxi). 

 The main differences of these gondolas are dependent on price and desired atmosphere. The private gondola is the most expensive of the three but perfect for a romantic time for two. Whereas the Vaporetto is the public transit of Venice. This is the cheapest and the quickest gondola experience. Perfect for efficiency on a Venice two-day itinerary.


Ponte Dell’Accademia 

This is yet another spectacular bridge in Venice to cross over. However, this bridge is famous for the panoramic views it provides, rather than its architectural design. From atop of the Ponte Dell’Accademia, you can view Venice in its entirety. Remember to visit both sides of the bridge to admire each unique vantage point.  

 No matter the time of day, sunset to sunrise, watch boats and gondolas pass along the canal and out towards the open water.



Italy Travel Visa

For most countries, traveling to Italy is fairly easy. As part of the Schengen Agreement, most countries outside of Europe can enter Italy for up to 90 days, however there are some complications if you have already been traveling in other Schengen zone countries for a total of 90 days.

To ensure a smooth trip, without any visa hassles, we always recommend checking to see if your country has any conflicts or restrictions for entering. The best way to do that is through a specialized visa company, such as Travel Visa Pro agency, to double check any entry or stay requirements.


Final Thoughts: What to do in Venice Italy in 2 days

There are dozens of honorable mentions that we didn’t get to in this post. Like the Grand Canal, Libreria Acqua Alta, or Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute. But the beauty of Venice is that wherever you aimlessly wonder, you are sure to see these attractions and more along your way.  

 Whenever you have the opportunity to visit Venice for a couple of days, be sure to take some time to wander around the pretty alleys, bridges, and squares. Ultimately, this Italian city is a year-round destination, in rain or shine you’ll be in awe at how incredibly beautiful Venice, Italy can be. 

Booking Travel Experiences with Headout: A Review

People say that the world is like a book….. if you haven’t traveled, you’re still on the first page. And we tend to agree!

Travel can provide us with more knowledge than an encyclopedia and more adventures than Gulliver’s Travels. But travel isn’t always as easy as it seems. You can’t just pack your bags, blindly choose a direction and head off into the sunset… that is, until Headout came along.

Headout.com is a travel booking website that has an extensive list of activities, tours, tickets and excursions that you can book all around the world. They also have an easy to use website and an app that can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for taking your travels on the go.

You no longer have to stress for weeks in advance about what you’re going to do on your next vacation. Simply head out and enjoy the experience. 


The Ins and Outs

When it comes to booking travel online a lot people can still be quite skeptical. People are worried about getting scammed, or pressing ‘book’ and then next minute having to make repayments on a new timeshare they accidentally purchased.

But as technology advances, and we start to become more comfortable with online travel purchases, we’re seeing some amazing advancements to websites and app that are enabling a much safer and easier way to book travel. And thankfully for you, you’ll find that the booking process with Headout is just as safe and easy.

First things first, go on to their website or download the mobile app and create an account. We recommend the mobile app, because it’s great to take on the go, but if you find it easier to browse on a bigger screen, check out their website. Once you have an account you can save your card details, trip details, and view and manage your tickets there.



Now that you’ve got an account it’s as easy as searching where you want to travel and seeing what type of tickets pop up. For example, if you’re headed to San Francisco and wanted to explore Alcatraz. All you have to do is search the city or experience, select the activity and Headout will show you date options, inclusions, exclusions and reviews.

Once you’ve paid, from inputing your payment details or the pre-saved details, you’ll receive a confirmation email to confirm the booking. The tickets will then show up as electronic copies in the mobile app or in your inbox. This is great because you don’t have to worry about losing the physical tickets. Simply show your ticket code at the entrance to the chosen activity and let the adventure begin!


Headout’s Customer Service

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2020, travel has been one big question mark – especially the hassle of canceling reservations. It’s always nerve-racking wondering if you’ll actually get a refund or if you’ll be out of luck on a trip canceled due to COVID. Rest assured if you using Headout, you don’t have to give this a second thought. 

Headout’s customer service is above and beyond. You can contact them via email or you can talk to someone from their 24-hour support team on their website’s live chat option. They typically respond within minutes of your chat request – it took someone less than 5-minutes to chat to me.



Headout’s Cancellation Policy

With Headout, you can cancel your tour in full and either receive a credit that can be cashed in on their website for an alternative tour, or you can receive the original payment back.

You can receive a full refund if the booking was made after 1 April 2020 if:

  • The venue is closed
  • Reservation is under the cancelation policy (so make sure you check if your tour falls under the cancelation policy first)
  • Entry was denied due to capacity restrictions
  • Tour operator confirms a refund



There are also situations where partial refunds of the tour price in Headout credits are awarded:

  • If you test positive for Covid then you are entitled to a 50% refund in credits, but you have to show a valid test.
  • If you are forced to do a mandatory quarantine due to government regulations, a 20% refund is rewarded in credits.
  • If you are unable to visit the venue due to government restrictions, you will be entitled to a 20% refund in credits.
  • If you have any flight or visa cancelations or issues, you can email support@headout.com with a screenshot of your cancelation message and you will receive a 20% refund in Headout credits.


Best San Francisco Experiences on Headout

Planning a trip to our favorite city by the Bay? Headout has several different options when it comes to booking experiences and tours in San Francisco. They offer tours and attraction tickets, including tours to Alcatraz Island.

The Alcatraz Island tours are perfect for history buffs who want to explore the infamous cells made famous by the movie, ‘The Rock’. Walk the same halls as American crime legends like Al Capone and Frank Morris.

Headout also bundles tours so you can experience a few places at once. Here are a few different options for tours from San Francisco that include Alcatraz:

  • Golden Gate & Alcatraz Island Cruise
  • Napa Valley Wine Country & Alcatraz Multi-day Tour (Wine & history tour? Yes please!)
  • Muir Woods & Sausalito with Alcatraz Tour
  • San Francisco City with Alcatraz & San Francisco Dungeon tour
  • San Francisco City Bus Tour With Alcatraz tour



If old prisons aren’t your thing, they are plenty of other unique tours that you can purchase from Headout’s website or the mobile app:

  • Muir Woods & Wine Country Coach Tour
  • San Francisco Helicopter & Sausalito Lunch Tour
  • San Francisco & Sausalito Bike Tour
  • North Beach Food Tour
  • Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito Bike Tour
  • Muir Woods & Sausalito Tour & Golden Gate Bay Cruise
  • San Francisco City, Muir Woods & Sausalito Bus Tour
  • Muir Woods and San Francisco City Tour

There are also city based tickets that help you skip the lines at these places and normally offer discounts on the prices too. San Francisco Attraction Tickets are mainly for visiting popular sites in the city like:

  • Skip the line California Academy of Sciences Admission Tickets
  • San Francisco Exploratorium Admission Tickets (If you have kids, or even if you don’t, we highly recommend the super fun and interactive Exploratorium!)
  • The de Young Museum & Legion of Honor Admission Tickets
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts Entry Tickets
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Entry Tickets
  • San Francisco Zoo Tickets
  • Aquarium of the Bay


Is Headout a Reliable Site?

Yes, Headout is legitimate and a reliable website to use for activity bookings in the San Francisco Bay Area and many other parts of the world.

They offer a fast and efficient way to book tickets for activities in and around cities. Skip lines to famous spots, book tours with multiple tour operators, and don’t worry about losing your tickets because it’s all stored on the mobile app or in your email!

These tours are the best of the best, so head out right now and book yourself something to do in the city we’re lucky enough to call home, San Francisco.

Best Netflix Travel Shows | Travel Documentaries to Watch

If you’re like most who have that wanderlust feeling, but aren’t able to fulfill it at the moment, the best you can do is to try and fill those cravings with some travel series. Thankfully, this list of the best Netflix travel series will help you choose an adventure from your living room. Maybe they can ignite the adventurer within and give you inspiration for when you can hit the road again.

If one of these Netflix travel shows does grab your attention and makes you want to follow their lead, make sure to remember some of these adventure travel tips so you’re prepared for everything. You can also check out our list for the best wanderlust inducing travel movies streaming on Netflix!


6 Top Travel Shows on Netflix

Netflix is known to have some of the best travel shows available at the moment. The best travel documentaries on Netflix all have their quirks ranging from the obscure to the outright comical. These travel shows will either make you stare in amazement or have you crying with laughter while being taken on a journey.


Street Food

This one is for all the foodies, who love to travel just to eat their way through their trip and taste as many local dishes as possible. One of the best travel documentaries on Netflix, they take you along for the ride as they explore street food from around the world. This traveling show has a stunning combination of interviews with street chefs, exploring their history.



This is all put within the larger picture of how influential street food is in each chef’s homeland. Each season focuses on a specific region/continent, with Asia and Latin America’s street food being showcased in the first two seasons.

Even though you might not be able to travel to try that food right now, nothing is stopping you from taking some notes and taking a world tour in your kitchen.


Dark Tourist

Have you ever heard of dark tourism? For the more obscure travelers, this series takes you to places and experiences that are not exactly conventional. David Farrier takes you on an adventure to explore the darker and lesser-known cultures and parts of the world.



This is one of those Netflix travel documentaries that will take you on tours ranging from the odd to the totally bizarre and creepy. David visits a full-scale Noah’s Ark, a horror house and even tours La Catedral with Pablo Escobar’s former hitman. This might not be to everyone’s taste, but is definitely worth a watch if you want something a little different and to see the weird and wonderful this world has to offer.

If you like to be different then have a look here if you really want to get off the beaten track. You could also try some dark tourism for yourself and visit the town of Prypiat outside of Chernobyl, exploring the time capsule that remains.


Jack Whitehall – Travels With My Father

Imagine traveling with one of your parents for a road trip documentary, with all your contrasting personality traits and quirks for all to see. If that sounds entertaining – this travel series is full of it! Comedian Jack Whitehall takes a trip with his father to various places around the world while getting themselves into a few awkward situations.



For some lighthearted but also occasionally cringe-worthy family travel escapades, this is one of the best shows on Netflix. They approach all their journeys through South East Asia, Europe and West America with very different perspectives. Although through all the bickering, there are some wholesome moments between the two. That is until a third and unusual member joins their trip.


The Kindness Diaries

Just how far could you travel around the world using kindness as a currency? This again is one of the best travel shows on Netflix with the traveler, Leon, traveling around the world and relying on the kindness of strangers for food, shelter and petrol. Leon is not able to accept money at all on his journey. During all these interactions with locals who help, he learns more about them and their stories.



In return for these strangers’ kindness, he pays it forward by helping those who help him realize their dreams. He travels around with a vintage vehicle in each season, first a vintage motorcycle and then a vintage car. This is one of those road trip documentaries that will immerse you in the local culture and show that there are some truly selfless people in this world. Be warned, this is a bit of a tear jerker.


Tales by Light

Tales by Light is something a bit different from National Geographic on Netflix. This is a travel documentary series that you would probably have never seen before. This thought-provoking series takes you on a journey with professional photographers who travel around the world to capture iconic and powerful images.



This series has stunning imagery that will make you stare in wonderment as these photographers push their limits to capture that elusive image. All while this series answers the question on everyone’s mind, what is the meaning behind that image and how did they do it?


Down to Earth With Zac Efron

For a travel series with a focus on sustainability while traveling around the world (yes the irony is not lost) a journey with Zac Efron is surprisingly light-hearted. The series focuses on Zac as he searches the globe, exploring new countries in search of a healthy and sustainable way to live.



Arguably, this series is somewhat more of a journey of self-reflection with travel as a backdrop. This series will take you around the world and show you how countries are attempting to combat climate change.



Best Travel Documentaries – What are you Adding to Your List?

Travel documentaries on Netflix give you a chance to live vicariously through others. They take you on a personal journey and give an in-depth look that you might even miss yourself. At least you can sit back, relax and go on a visual mind journey with those on the screen and take mental notes for the day that you board the plane to start your journey.

Weekend Away in Cape Town | Western Cape Getaways

Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world. With the deep-blue (and not to mention, ice-cold) Atlantic Ocean, the landmark that is Table Mountain, the Cape Winelands, harbors and so much more – this truly is a bucket list destination.

If you do visit Cape Town, even just for a weekend getaway, we strongly suggest bringing along a camera to document your adventures. Here are some of the best cameras for travel.


Weekend Getaway in Cape Town | Things to Do

The stunning city of Cape Town offers endless possibilities of adventure. There are hundreds and thousands of activities to do and things to see when visiting the Mother City of South Africa.

If you are planning a quick Cape Town getaway sometime soon, here are some of our top things for you to do while you’re in town.

And once you’re done exploring the Mother City, head to Johannesburg for a casino vacation right on your doorstep.


The Top of Table Mountain

First things first, you simply cannot travel to Cape Town without visiting the famous Table Mountain. This prominent landmark is so exquisitely large and beautiful that it is now officially recognized as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

To give you the ultimate tour of this spectacular city and its mountain, we advise joining a hop-on hop-off bus ride where you can also take a cable car up to the top of the mountain. There you can enjoy breathtaking views of Cape Town.



Hike Up Lions Head

If you wake up wanting to move your body and embrace all the city has to offer, then a hike up Lions Head is an absolute must. Whether you prefer sunrise or sunset, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed with the beautiful views.

This hike is completely free and can be done without a guide, but if you’re not yet a hiking natural, then you can also opt for paid hiking tours of Lions Head.


Sunsets on Signal Hill

Another one of Cape Town’s smaller landmarks is Signal Hill. Although this one isn’t much of a hike, we suggest packing some snacks and taking a drive up to the summit where you can watch some truly spectacular sunsets.

And if you are feeling extra adventurous and wouldn’t mind a taste of adrenaline, you can tandem paraglide off of Signal Hill and get the best views of all that Cape Town has to offer.


Visit the V&A Waterfront

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is home to one of South Africa’s most popular shopping malls, as well as Table Bay Harbor. With hundreds of stores and restaurants, a day spent at the V&A is never a day wasted.

Here you can visit the Two Oceans Aquarium, take a SUP ride around the waterfront marina or ride the Cape Wheel. You can even spend the day at the Oranjezicht Family Market close by, where you can enjoy good food, culture and community.


Spend the Day in Sea Point

Sea Point, Cape Town has everything from the hustle and bustle, to the refreshing sound of the waves. Whether you want to go for a kayak tour along the shorefront or cycle along the promenade, there is so much to do in Sea Point.

If you are in the area, we highly recommend paying a visit to the Mojo Market which offers food stalls for any and all cravings.



Take a Ride to Robben Island

South Africa is widely known for being home to one of the greatest revolutionaries in the world, Nelson Mandela. And Robben Island is famed for being the prison where he spent more than 27 years of his life.

Explore the history of Madiba and so much more when you visit Robben Island. You can take a tour of the island, and its township, either by ferry or by helicopter.


Bounce Between Beaches

Whether you want some peace and quiet or the whole summer vacation vibe, there are so many gorgeous beaches to visit in Cape Town. No matter where you stop along the coast of the Western Cape, you are bound to find a beautiful beach.

You can visit Clifton for a typical sunny South African beach day with umbrellas and ice-lollies. You can learn to surf at Muizenberg and even take pics with the line-up of cute colorful beach boxes that line the seashore. You can even check out the penguins at Boulders Beach.



Picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

There are ten national botanical gardens in South Africa, and Kirstenbosch is truly one of the prettiest. Pack a picnic basket and bring your friends and family, to enjoy a gorgeous day in nature.

If you’re lucky, they might even be hosting a concert the weekend you come to visit and you can buy tickets to enjoy that as well.

Another treat that is often hosted at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is the Galileo Open Air Cinema. Be sure to check out what movies are showing before you book your ticket.


Wander the Wine Farms

Another thing that the Western Cape is incredibly well-known for is their delicious wines. With hundreds of wine farms to visit, you will never get bored of sipping on a new taste.



If you really want to embrace all that the winelands have to offer, without any of the worry, then there is even a Franschhoek Wine Tram that lets you hop on and off as you visit as many of the farms and taste as many of the wines as possible.


Final Thoughts on a Weekend Getaway to Cape Town

Well, there you have it – and that’s not even half of it! There is so much more to do and see in the windy city of Cape Town, South Africa. But at least we’ve given you enough adventures to occupy a quick weekend getaway to the Western Cape.

Speaking of windy cities, if you are looking for a similar experience a little closer to home, a trip to Chicago might be just what you’re looking for.

2 Days in Olympic National Park | Itineraries and Highlights

Often overlooked by some of the more well known national parks around the United States, Olympic National Park in Washington state is one of the premier destinations for stunning natural beauty on the west coast.

And at just over two hours from Seattle it’s the perfect Pacific Northwest getaway if you’re looking for a quieter, yet equally beautiful, national park experience.

If there’s one thing we know well, it’s national parks, so we’re rounding up some of the best highlights of Olympic National Park. If you’ve only got two days to spare in this magnificent national park, we’ve got some fun ideas on how you can spend your time there to have the most memorable vacation possible.

Olympic National Park is one of the most striking destinations in the United States and one everyone should visit at least once in their lives. This post will cover what to see, what to do, and where to go in the park.


Visiting Olympic National Park

With over 900, 000 acres of alpine forests, meadows, and coastline, the Olympic National Park is a tremendous place brimming with wildlife, natural beauty, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you look. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, this national park is a major tourist attraction in Washington State and an amazing camping and travel destination if you’re looking to explore the outdoors.

Tourists and locals alike head to the Olympic NP in their thousands year on year, and we can see why. People love setting up camp in the wide-open landscapes, where they can live out their ‘roughing it’ fantasies. There are campgrounds galore in the park, so no need to worry if you’re traveling in a camper van or a recreational vehicle. The park is a paradise for outdoorsy folk.

It’s also located within a few hours of Seattle, so whether you’re staying at a hotel in Seattle or at one of the options near Olympic National Park, you’ll never be far from the action.

The park was designated as a national park in 1909. And in 1976, it was established as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Covering numerous types of ecosystems, Olympic NP is made up of gorgeous mountain ranges, beach strips, and temperate rainforests.



You can enter the park in many ways. The most popular entrance, however, is the Hurricane Ridge Entrance just outside of Port Angeles.

Whichever entrance you use, the fee is $30 per vehicle, $25 for motorcycles, and $15 per person traveling on foot.

Luckily, the 2-day itinerary in this post is entirely flexible, so you can switch destinations around to suit the direction you’re traveling in. You can use the itinerary to plan out which spots you want to see before your weekend adventure is over. No matter how many days in Olympic National Park you have, you should try and see each of these alluring locations.


Olympic National Park 2-Day Itinerary

To give you the most memorable two days in the Olympic National Park, we’ve covered what we think are the most desirable spots in the park. From hiking to kayaking and much, much more, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in this Olympic National Park itinerary.


Quinault Rainforest

Nestled in the valley between the Quinault River and Lake Quinault is the impeccable Quinault Rainforest. Expect towering trees, sprawling meadows, and glittering lakes in this magical area in the southwest of the park.



Begin your journey at the Quinault Rain Forest Ranger Station, where you’ll find the start of a 1.3-mile loop. This moderate and pleasant hike will take you through stunning maple groves, which truly show off the diversity of the park.


Ruby Beach

On the coastal section of the park, you’ll find the spectacular Ruby Beach, one of the many gems in Olympic National Park. Known for its majestic rock formations and reddish sand, Ruby Beach is one of the most popular spots in the park.



Keep in mind this beach is rocky, not sandy, so be sure to wear the appropriate shoes. The shoreline is filled with large driftwood and sea stacks, offering plenty of visual points that would make stunning snapshot memories for your travel journal. Many tourists love climbing onto the sea stacks and rock islands to see the foam from the waves spraying over the shoreline.

Ruby Beach is an impressive example of a rugged, nearly untouched beach and will make you feel like you’re in the heart of the wilderness.


Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is famous for its beauty, and nothing could be more picturesque than getting out on the water on a paddleboat. When you’re not hiking or exploring the surrounding wilderness, boating and kayaking are excellent ways to take in the scenery and have some fun along the way.



You can rent kayaks and paddleboards from Lake Crescent Lodge, and they also offer guided kayaking and canoeing tours. If you’re just in the mood to take some pictures and enjoy some downtime between hikes, you can also head to the picnic area on the east end of the lake. This is a popular swimming spot in front of a lush meadow where you can kick back and relax.


Mount Storm King

For an epic view, you won’t soon forget, hike to the top of Mount Storm King on one of your days in the park. This trail is quite difficult and will take you over 2 hours to complete. But with an elevation of over 4,500 feet, the view from the top is more than worth the effort.

You’ll see sweeping views of Lake Crescent, framed by tall trees that touch the sky and the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the distance. This is one of the most photographed locations in the entire park, and one peek at the view will show you why.     



To get to Mount Storm King, you need to start at the Storm King Ranger Station, a historic building on the shores of Lake Crescent. After a short while, the trail will branch off north towards the mountain. The mountain trail is about 5 miles long, and it’s heavily trafficked, so make sure you start your day early if you want to take on this challenging hiking trail.


Enjoy Your Olympic National Park Adventure

Olympic National Park is brimming with activities and attractions just waiting to be explored, from mountain ranges to rugged beaches to rainforests. No matter where you are in the park, there is always an epic view awaiting you.

Hopefully, you get to enjoy every incredible spot in this post during your visit to Olympic National Park. Enjoy every moment!

2 Days in New Orleans: A Sustainable Travel Guide

New Orleans is rich in culture and history and begging to be explored. From street food to local music and beautiful views, NOLA has it all. If you’re planning a New Orleans weekend getaway, you may be wondering what to see in New Orleans in two days. We’ve got you covered with a 2-day trip that’s not only fun but sustainable, too.

Sustainable travel and responsible tourism are about more than supporting eco-conscious establishments. The concept and practice reaches into culture as well, encouraging tourism that doesn’t hurt local cultures or disrespect native communities.


New Orleans Itinerary | 2 Days in NOLA

It’s tough to fit an action-packed itinerary into New Orleans in just two days. This city is brimming with activity. To save time it’s important to know what you want to do and what area you want to stay. The French Quarter is the most popular area to stay in New Orleans, but there’s also plenty to see in surrounding areas Mid-City, Uptown and Marigny.

Here’s our guide on how to see the best of the best during your limited stay, focusing on activities and locations that fit into the sustainable tourism model. You can mix up the locations to suit your ideal road trip fantasy, but try to fit in as many of these enticing spots on your itinerary as you can.



Day 1: Morning | NOLA City Park

The New Orleans City Park is a wonderful place to start your morning off right with some fresh air, a brisk walk, and an abundance of beautiful scenery. With over 1000 acres, this urban park is even larger than Central Park in New York. Expect towering trees, manicured lawns, and tons of joggers at this fun urban park.

This is the perfect spot for a picnic if you fancy a brunch in the park. The grounds are also home to the New Orleans Botanical Garden, which features over 2000 plants from around the globe.

Roam the gardens, appreciate the lush greenery, and when you’re done, you can sit down for a brunch picnic on the grass.


Day 1: Afternoon | Visit the Historic French Quarter

Welcome to the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans. The historic French Quarter (also known as the Vieux Carré) is the epicenter of the city’s nightlife. But it’s also humming with city noises and brimming with life in the afternoon.

The French Quarter is a cornerstone of New Orleans’ history and is rich with gorgeous Spanish architecture, a vibey atmosphere, and delectable local street food.



If you want to learn more about New Orleans’ original city, you can take the French Quarter Walking Tour. You’ll get to weave through the neighborhood in a fun two-hour expedition of the many stores, local fare stalls, and live music on display in the cool French Quarter streets.


Day 1: Night | Dinner at Cochon

After a day exploring NOLA, you’re probably dying to sit down for a hearty meal and toast to an excellent first day. After all, New Orleans is the food capital of the south, and you can’t visit this city without trying some Cajun food.

Cochon is one of the best restaurants in NOLA, lauded for its impeccable Cajun cuisine, served the sustainable way. Everything at Cochon is farm-to-table, and they serve ethically sourced seafood and fresh local produce. If you want authentic Southern dishes, this spot is for you.


Day 2: Morning | Stunning Views at Crescent Park

Take a stroll or ride your bike in Crescent Park, the gorgeous urban park that connects the city to the riverfront. You’ll see loads of indigenous plants, a fabulous view, and the city skyline beyond the water from the mile-long park trail.



This is a great way to see the city from afar and appreciate its beauty- without increasing your carbon footprint, of course.


Day 2: Afternoon | Visit NOLA’s Museums

One of the tenets of sustainable travel is supporting local economies. Enquire about locally-owned businesses in the area and offer your support! One way to do this is by visiting the NOLA museums as a means of preserving local culture.

Try the Backstreet Cultural Museum in the Tremé neighborhood. They have exhibitions on African American and Mardi Gras Indian culture. You can also see some priceless artifacts and rare photographs on display.

Another option is the National WWII Musuem if you’re looking for more things to do in New Orleans. You’ll not only learn about “the war that changed the world” but also experience the museum’s virtual field trips, multimedia exhibits, immersive exhibits, and artifact displays.



It’s always good to learn about the city you’re visiting, to pay your respects, in a way, and to understand the contextual background of your destination. 

If museums aren’t your thing, try the Voodoo French Quarter Tour. This way, you can learn about the fascinating history of voodoo while touring the gorgeous NOLA streets. What better way is there to make a history lesson fun?


Day 2: Night | Scenic Sunset at ‘The Fly’

What would a trip to New Orleans be without admiring the Mississippi River? Many people opt to explore the river on a cruise, but we’re well aware of the negative impact cruise liners have on the environment. So, how else can tourists appreciate the river?



Head to Audubon Riverview Park (or ‘The Fly’ as locals call it) for a spectacular view of the sun dipping behind the water. The orange and pink sunset hues reflect beautifully off the ripples in the river, making for a picturesque send-off on your last day in NOLA.


Enjoy Two Days in New Orleans

Next time you’re planning a New Orleans weekend trip, you’ll know exactly where to go. If you’re still hungry for more sustainable travel ideas, glean some tips and tricks from our posts on responsible tourism. New Orleans is abundant with cool spots to try out, many of which are locally-owned with a focus on sustainability.

Whether you’re dining out at a farm-to-table restaurant or taking it easy in a local park, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

Have an excellent weekend in New Orleans. You’re in for a real treat!

What to Do in Koh Phangan | A Thailand Travel Guide

Wondering what to do in Koh Phangan? Then you’re in luck as this article highlights some of the best events and must-do activities on the island.

Koh Phangan island is one of the most beautiful destinations in Thailand with its golden beaches, turquoise waters, and verdant mountain landscape. While the island is frequented by party-goers for its epic music festivals, much of it is secluded and quiet – particularly during the off-season.

Whether you’re a party-goer or a couple looking for a relaxing getaway, Koh Phangan has it all. It’s also super easy to get to Koh Phangan from the capital Bangkok, so be sure to include this lovely gem when planning your Thailand adventure.


How to Get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan Island

Wondering how to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan? While there are a few options to make this trip, the cheapest and most authentic experience is by combining a bus from Bangkok and then a ferry to the island. We’re not gonna lie, it’s a long trip, but you’ll save money this way instead of taking the pricier flight option. Traveling by bus is the cheapest option with fares starting at around  $30-$40 USD.

Another night-travel option is the train which will cost you around 1600 Baht ($51 USD). Note that going from Bangkok to Koh Phangan involves several transfers so the journey will last at least 16.5 hours and is a bit more of a pain.



5 Things to do in Koh Phangan, Thailand

From the amazing parties to the picturesque beaches, there is so much to experience on this beautiful island. To ensure you have an unforgettable stay, here are five of the best things to do in Koh Phangan.


1.   Hit Up the Full Moon or Half Moon Party

Let’s start off with the most obvious one, the infamous Full Moon Party. Attracting between 10,000 and 30,000 party-goers each month, this event is one of Koh Phangan’s most popular attractions. Here, people from all over the world gather and party from dusk till dawn. The event takes place each month when the moon is at its fullest on Haad Rin Beach – the southernmost point of the island.

One of the party’s biggest draws is that it’s absolutely free – all you need to do is budget for drinks and you’re good to go! For accommodation near Haad Rin Beach, check out the amazing Phangan Bayshore Resort, one of the best places to stay in Koh Phangan.

If you’re unable to make the Full Moon Party on your trip then the Half Moon Party is a great alternative. Smaller in size, this party generally has a capacity of around 4,000 people. The event takes place one week before and one week after the Full Moon Party at an open-air venue in the forest, north of Baan Tai. The cost to enter is around 1500 Baht ($45 USD). It’s just as crazy as the Full Moon Party, but a little more organized with stages and perfomances.



2.   Snorkel and Dive Around Koh Phangan

Snorkeling and diving are both a favorite activity among tourists visiting Koh Phangan. There’s a lot going on in the waters surrounding the island including the tropical colored fish, coral and other marine life.

Snorkeling is offered on almost any beach situated along the west and north coasts. A popular beach to snorkel at is Mae Haad Beach. Here you can hire snorkel gear for just 100 Baht ($3 USD).

For a fun diving experience suited to all experience levels, visit Sail Rock in the Gulf of Thailand. The rock is just an hour away from Koh Phangan by boat and is one of the best diving spots for an epic diving experience.



3.   Visit Thong Sala Night Market

Night markets are a popular attraction among locals and tourists in Thailand. In Koh Phangan, one of the best places to visit is Thong Sala Night Market. If you’re unsure about what to have for dinner then this is the perfect spot.

At this lively market, you will find an endless array of delicious foods. From traditional Thai food to pizza, falafel, sushi, and some fresh seafood dishes, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite. The Thong Sala Night Market takes place every night and is open until 11 pm and entry is free.



4.   Go Hiking

The entire middle of Koh Phangan is a protected forest reserve and as such, the island is home to some of the best hiking trails in Thailand. Whether you’re into chasing waterfalls or finding the best viewpoints, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor adventure.

Koh Phangan has a number of noteworthy hikes, the first being Phaeng Waterfall in Than Sadet National Park. This short 20-minute hike follows a steep 250-meter trail towards the island’s largest waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a large pool where you’ll be able to swim and cool off – perfect to escape the Thailand heat.



For those seeking a challenge, hike up Khao Ra – the highest peak on Koh Phangan. This 3-hour hike begins at Khao Ra Terrace and follows a mixed dirt and jungle path up the mountain. While the hike is fairly strenuous, the views from on top are most certainly worthwhile.


5.   Visit the Koh Phangan Beaches

During your stay in Koh Phangan, a visit to the island’s beaches is a must. While the island is small in size, with a perimeter of around 40 kilometers, it is home to over 30 beaches. The beaches here vary in shape and size but all boast some of the most beautiful shorelines.

Some noteworthy beaches on Koh Phangan include Haad Mae, Haad Rin Nok, Koh Ma, Leela Beach, and Bottle Beach. Regardless of which beaches you end up visiting, you’re guaranteed a relaxing, fun-filled afternoon. A great and cheap way to go beach-hopping is to rent a motorbike which will cost you around 125-300 Baht ($4-10 USD) per day.



Best Koh Phangan Things to Do – Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you travel, one thing that is certain is that you’re bound to arrive at one of Thailand’s most beautiful treasures – a beautiful little island rich in culture and packed with adventures.

If you’re island-hopping in Thailand, be sure to check out this article on what to do in Koh Tao besides diving.

Weekend in Chicago: Ultimate Things To Do in the Windy City

Ah, the Windy City. Chicago is a sprawling metropolis known for its vibrant social life, impressive architectural feats, tasty local food, and fun city vibe. If you’re headed to the midwest this weekend, you’re in for a real treat. Chicago is brimming with intriguing cultural attractions, fun activities, and countless restaurants and bars to keep you entertained.

There are tons of incredible locations to visit in North America. Still, Chicago shoots to the top of that list as one of the most exciting and diverse American cities to travel to.

Our friends at Hotels.com asked us to share some inspiration on how to spend a weekend in Chicago, and we were happy to oblige.


Visit Chicago This Weekend

Are you looking for things to do this weekend in Chicago? Before you embark on your journey, you may want to make a bucket list of the best places to go in Chicago. Having a bucket list also helps you work out the best spot in town to book a hotel, as you can base your Chicago accommodation around your activities. And lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with a full weekend itinerary to keep you busy while you’re in town.

Keep reading to discover the quintessential Chicago spots you should check out on your vacation.


Chicago Riverwalk

If you’re looking for free things to do in Chicago this weekend, Chicago’s Riverwalk is a classic tourist attraction and a must-see on your first visit to the city. This iconic 1.25-mile stretch passes along the south bank of the Chicago River and ends up in the heart of downtown. This would be a lovely spot to take a stroll on a sunny Sunday in Chicago.



There are countless waterfront restaurants and cafes for you to stop at along the way, where you can sip on a cup of coffee as you watch the locals enjoy the waterway. You’ll see kayakers, pedestrians, cruise liners on the water, and plenty of activity on this strip. The Riverwalk is also an excellent spot to marvel at Chicago’s famous architecture. The soaring buildings look majestic from the waterway.

If you want to learn more about iconic architecture, you can take the Chicago River Guided Architecture Cruise. This luxurious cruise will take you on an unforgettable boat ride along the river, and teach you some essential information about Chicago’s architectural scene.


Millennium Park

Nestled in the Loop area of Chicago, Millennium Park is a stunning public park boasting over 300 acres of land. The park isn’t just a great place to take a stroll or lay out a picnic. You can also find art sculptures on the grounds, such as The Crown Fountain. It’s an interactive art piece and video sculpture standing 50 feet tall that you’ve got to check out.



Millennium Park is also home to the Cloud Gate sculpture, or “The Bean,” as locals call it. This odd artwork shaped like a legume is featured in countless Hollywood features set in Chicago. And you can see this iconic three-story steel sculpture for yourself during your Chicago adventure.


Gogh with Lifeway Immersive Yoga at Lighthouse ArtSpace

How many people can say they’ve done a yoga session to the backdrop of a Van Gogh exhibition? Gogh with Lifeway offers one of the most unique, rewarding, and rejuvenating experiences in the city. If you’re one of the millions of yoga enthusiasts out there who are chasing serenity, you will fall in love with this immersive yoga experience.

Head to the Lighthouse ArtSpace for this magical exhibition. Take a deep breath and find your zen while projections of Van Gogh’s mesmerizing artworks play out all around you. This is a top-notch experience in Chicago not to be missed.


Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a beautiful park on Chicago’s north side and the biggest in the city. You’ll see lovely manicured lawns, botanical gardens, and a gorgeous lake here, not to mention the city skyline in the background.


If you’re visiting Chicago in the spring, a trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory is a must. The Conservatory holds a Spring Flower Show displaying rows on rows of azaleas, hydrangeas, tulips, and much, much more.

Enter the magnificent Victorian greenhouse, marvel at the hundreds of flowers in bloom, and take in a beautiful spring day at this magical Chicago spot.


Willis Tower Skydeck

Situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, Willis Tower is an impressive skyscraper standing over 100 stories tall. You can’t miss this building from the outside, but trust us, the view from the inside is nothing in comparison.

The Willis Tower Skydeck is an observation point that sees over a million visitors every year. Once you see the Chicago skyline from 1,353 feet in the air, you’ll never forget your vacation to this fantastic city.


Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is an esteemed art museum in the Grant Park neighborhood and an excellent spot if you’re looking for fun things to do in Chicago’s suburbs. The Institute is home to an impressive collection of fine art and curated exhibitions, and you can see world-famous pieces there, too. One noteworthy artwork to check out is Edward Hopper’s famous Nighthawks painting from 1942. If you want to skip the queues at this popular museum, you can buy a fast pass online ahead of time.



You can also spot renowned works such as The Bedroom by Van Gogh, Grant Wood’s American Gothic, and Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. If you’re looking for a fantastic display of Chicago’s arts and culture scene, this is the spot for you. With over 300, 000 artworks and an extensive selection of impressionist art, you’ll be occupied for hours at this fine establishment.


Magnificent Mile

Chicago’s main commercial district, Magnificent Mile, or Mag Mile, is a buzzing area filled with high-end boutiques, fancy restaurants and bars, and upscale hotels. You’ll also see iconic landmarks at Mag Mile, such as the Chicago Water Tower, the Wrigley Building, and the City Gallery.


Enjoy Your Chicago Weekend Getaway

No matter where you are in Chicago, there is always something intriguing to see. Whether you’re dining out by the river, taking a stroll through Lincoln Park, or admiring city views from Willis Tower, you’ll have a blast exploring the epic Windy City.



If you’re looking for some more fun travel inspiration for your next adventure, you can read up on the breathtaking Yellowstone Park. This is another fantastic location to take a road trip to if you’re up for an exciting weekend getaway.

The U.S is abundant with travel spots any tourist would love, and we’ve got you covered with all the information you need for your dream trip. Enjoy your Chicago vacation!


COVID Travel Advisory

As travel continues to open please be mindful that travel regulations and guidelines can always change. It’s important to take care of your safety and the safety of others when planning and going on a trip.

To prepare yourself for travel please take into account these tips:

  • Wear a face mask whenever required by local and state laws. It’s always good to have a few extra to make sure you’re never without.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you at all times, including a few extras in all the different travel bags you have.
  • Do you research on the destinations that you’re traveling to and be sure to recheck just before you leave on your trip. Check local websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc, to get real time information of closures, restrictions and regulations in place.
  • Research and book a hotel that offers free cancellation in case you need to change your plans at the last minute.

2 Days in Las Vegas Itinerary | Plan Your Sin City Weekend Trip

Las Vegas is known for being a major resort city, attracting millions of people every year. With so much to do including gambling, fine dining, shopping, entertainment, nightclubs, and so much more to indulge in, it’s no wonder this part of Nevada is referred to as ‘Sin City.’

No matter what your ideal getaway looks like, Vegas is right up there on our list of 30 trips to do before you’re thirty.

Our friends at Hotels.com have asked us to share some amazing Las Vegas activities for your next trip to Sin City. And of course, we were more than willing to compile this guide.


How Many Days in Vegas?

If you are dying to go to Sin City, you might be wondering how many days in Las Vegas is the perfect amount of time to soak up all the city has to offer? You do not want to run out of time, or even worse, run out of things to do.

Vegas has so much to offer, that it can also be a little overwhelming at times – both for you and your wallet. That is why we suggest visiting Vegas for a weekend, maybe three days at the most. And if you’re planning on staying in Vegas you’ve got to make the most of it by staying on the Las Vegas Strip. On the Strip you’ll have access to all the fun attractions and activities listed below.


2 Days in Vegas Trip Ideas

Las Vegas is absolutely gorgeous during the day, and at night it turns into a world of fun!

For those lucky enough to be spending a weekend in Las Vegas, here are some ideas to keep you busy during your next weekend trip to Vegas.



Wave Hello at the Welcome Sign

An absolute must when visiting Vegas is the popularly photographed ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign. If you are entering the city from the south, or even on your way out, you simply must stop and grab a quick picture of this iconic masterpiece of a welcome sign.


Strut Along The Las Vegas Strip

The Strip is the main boulevard in the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. Characterized by neon-lights, gambling casinos, restaurants, shops, stunning hotels and performance venues, this street just about sums up everything you can expect from Sin City.

You could easily spend the entire weekend just walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip – we guarantee you will never run out of things to do.


Be Amazed by the Fountains of Bellagio

The Bellagio Water Show is an iconic tourist attraction in the city of Las Vegas. With a combination of water, music, lights and a choreographed sequence of splashes, this is an absolute treat.

Found at the Bellagio Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard, the fountains come to life from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm every 30 minutes during weekdays, and every 15 minutes on weekends.


Take a Trip to Paris Las Vegas

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most exquisite tourist attractions in the world – no wonder there have been attempts to duplicate it all over the world, including Las Vegas. Located at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is a much smaller, yet still captivating, replica of the world-famous Eiffel Tower in France.

Not only does the hotel offer a crazy night at the casino, but you can also indulge at Paris Las Vegas’s full-service spa and gym.



Embrace the Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is a pedestrian street mall in Downtown Las Vegas. Enjoy the free Viva Vision light show hourly after 6 pm, or jam to some live music. You can also shop, grab a bite to eat and just embrace that Viva Las Vegas culture.

Here you can also find the famous SlotZilla – a 12-story slot-machine inspired zipline adventure!


Admire the Mirage Volcano

Another exquisite display is the volcano in the front yard of the Mirage Hotel. Similarly to the Bellagio Water Fountain, this fiery attraction has nightly eruption shows with explosions, fireballs, and a playlist that’s sure to get your heart racing. The two hotels and their stunning volcano and fountain displays certainly give the ultimate fire and ice experience.


Hang Out at the Hard Rock Cafe

Among the many restaurants, cafes and bars, the Hard Rock Cafe is one that you absolutely have to visit. This themed restaurant never disappoints, with its banging rock music, delicious burgers and a drinks menu that will have you drooling. And with 180 franchises all around the world, you can begin ticking off your Hard Rock bucket-list right here in the heart of Las Vegas.



Discover the Las Vegas Art District

The Las Vegas Arts District is said to be the heart of art and culture in Nevada. This cultural hub is scattered with indie art galleries and performance spaces creating a vibrant scene. One of the main attractions here is the Arts Factory where you can dive head first into a world of artistic license and expression.


Check Out the Las Vegas Chapels

One thing we just could not leave out, is the somewhat controversial commonality of visiting a wedding chapel when you’re in Vegas. It’s no secret that many couples come to Las Vegas to elope or get married on a whim. Sometimes it is even a completely last-minute decision which quickly turns into regret the next day.

Whether you are wanting to tie the knot, or just want to explore the beauty of the chapels, Las Vegas has you sorted.



Walk with the Stars

And last but certainly not least, is the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. This is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in the world, along with the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California. The Walk of Stars is home to some of the most memorable celebrities including Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.


Final Thoughts on a 2-Day Weekend in Vegas

Entertainment, food, gambling and so much more, all in the space of two fabulous days. Whether you are craving a casino vacation, a Bachelorette / Bachelor party, an elopement, or just a fun family weekend trip then Las Vegas is perfect for you!


COVID Travel Advisory

Travel might feel like it’s getting back in the swing of things, but please be aware of changing travel regulations and guidelines while planning your next trip. 2020 showed us that travel plans can change almost weekly, so please check ahead of time and always prioritize the safety of yourself and others at all times.

To prepare yourself for travel please take into account these tips:

  • If required by local or state laws, be sure to wear your face mask. Don’t get caught out missing an activity because you didn’t bring a mask. Pack a few extra to be safe.
  • Throw a hand sanitizer into each travel bag so you’ve always got some handy.
  • Do you research on the destinations that you’re traveling to and be sure to recheck just before you leave on your trip. Check local websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc, to get real time information of closures, restrictions and regulations in place.
  • When booking a hotel search for options that offer free cancellation in case travel regulations or your own plans change last minute.
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