Friday Faces: Pedro of Antigua Guatemala

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Meet Pedro of Antigua Guatemala, a sweet old man we met in the plaza one day while taking some snaps. After a small chat the conversation quickly turned to all sorts of random facts about the city and the history of Guatemala. Pedro was proud of his country and more than happy to share his expertise with us for a half hour. And we were more than happy to listen. Apart from being a great way to practice your Spanish, it’s a really fun activity for cultural exchange and learning along the road.

 After our history lesson Pedro was intent on learning about our own countries. While knowing a bit about the United States, he was pretty shocked when it came to Australia. He couldn’t get over the idea that it was more than 12 hours away in a plane. …“es muy lejos, muy muy lejos”.

Before leaving he was happy to pose for a few snaps and a friendly handshake. Gracias Pedro!

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  1. This is a really great portrait. Well done.
    I love how locals like this seem to always be up for a chat and just want to share share share. So special.


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