Why You Need To Get Yourself To An All Inclusive Resort in Mexico


We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled budget backpacking program to bring you this urgent announcement: Get yourself to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. Now!


all inclusive in mexico


Yes, we know, it’s a big jump from our normal articles about pinching your pennies. You may be wondering why we budget so thoroughly if we’re just going to blow it all on one ridiculous week of over-indulgence at a flashy resort.

Because dear friends, why the hell not? We spend so much energy searching out the best deals, cheapest accommodation, most budget-friendly meals. We skip over-priced cocktails in lieu of homemade rum and cokes and cook cheap meals in even the grungiest hostel kitchens. And, for the most part, we enjoy the challenge and authenticity that these experiences bring. But it’s also exhausting. And sometimes we just need a vacation, ya get me?! Here’s why you should book yourself into an all inclusive in Mexico:


All inclusive Takes The Stress Out Of Money

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate money. I hate dealing with it, I hate having to remember to bring it out, I can’t be bothered going to the ATM and I’d rather just forget about it all together. Unfortunately the real world is not Burning Man and we can’t just barter our way through life. Luckily, at an all inclusive you don’t have to worry about dealing with cash. Paying up front for your room, food, alcohol and everything in between means being able to leave your wallet at home (just remember to bring some singles if you plan on tipping). The best part is not having to agonize over every purchase like you do when you’re traveling on the cheap. Feel free to over-indulge!


There’s Something For Everyone

No matter what kind of holiday you’re looking for, Mexico has a resort for you. From the 20-somethings looking for a good party, to couples wanting a secluded romantic getaway, to families with young, energetic children. There’s seriously something for everyone. We passed an absolutely gorgeous resort in Cancun that caters to gay men. Your options are endless.


all inclusive in mexico


“The point of an all-inclusive is to have a good ol’ fashioned toes in the sand, margarita in hand holiday.”


No, It Won’t Be The Most Cultural Experience, But..

So you’re not exactly going to find yourself coming back culturally enriched after a week at a resort, but that’s not really the point. The point of an all-inclusive is to have a good ol’ fashioned toes in the sand, margarita in hand holiday. If you’re a budget backpacker traveling long-term, this is the perfect way to end months on the road in style. If you only have a short trip, don’t miss out on the real Mexico behind the walls of a resort. Balance your time by exploring the cultural sites and then spending your last few days relaxing by the pool. Most resorts will even offer day tours to surrounding sights.


It’s Not As Expensive At It Sounds

An all inclusive brings to mind an image of fat, rich Americans and Europeans ballin’ it up. But resorts are not exclusively for the rich and middle aged. Young travelers and budget backpackers can find really amazing deals using sites like First Choice. Go ahead, give it a quick search. You may be surprised what’s in your price range. After all, you’re paying for your accommodation, every meal, snacks, beverages, booze and often-times activities. It’s also a fun challenge to see how much you can eat and drink to get your money’s worth. I know we did! At my first all-inclusive in Cabo San Lucas we even received complimentary massages and a champagne and chocolate-covered strawberry gift basket! Talk about luxury!


All inclusive in Mexico


Taking a week off to enjoy an all-inclusive may seem like the farthest thing from the “authentic experience” we usually seek out, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then. Backpacking on a budget can be exhausting and physically demanding. In our experience, it’s more than worth it to splurge for a few days and indulge in food, drink and plenty of sun!



Have you ever been to an all inclusive resort in Mexico or elsewhere? What was your experience like? Let us know!


14 thoughts on “Why You Need To Get Yourself To An All Inclusive Resort in Mexico”

  1. An all inclusive certainly sounds like the way to go. We did that in thailand and it certainly paid off with the no stress situation

  2. Yes yes yes! Refreshing. Never been to an all-inclusive, but just going somewhere for the sake of relaxing and being nice to ourselves on occasion has been worth it! Thanks for making us feel not-so-bad! =)

  3. Yes,we’ve been in Maldives!! Would want to go again and maybe go on a cruise!! i have to get a visa to go to Mexico but I’m praying to get it! If you guys are heading to South America again soon, let us know but Jules mentioned that you’re heading to South East Asia! x

    • Yeah look it probably works out a little more expensive in the end, which for the budget backpacker isn’t the most economical option, but it sure is nice not having to worry. The prepaid meals package idea sounds good, although i think i’d pay for the prepaid drinks, because that’s where I’d definitely get my money’s worth haha.

  4. When we travelled to The Maldives we booked an all-inclusive package and even though it initially looked very expensive it worked out to be quite reasonable when you break down Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner and drinks. We were quite depressed when we moved onto the next part of our holiday which did not include all-inclusive as we had to scramble to make our own food.

    Will certainly be on the lookout for more all-inclusive packages!

    • Wow i can only imagine how incredible an all-inclusive in the Maldives would have been. You’re exactly right, when you break them down they don’t really cost that much more. Especially if you eat and drink as much as we do. I swear the people in our place must have thought we were starved alcoholics haha.

  5. We just had a very similar experience at an all inclusive resort in the Philippines! And it was definitely the best decision ever!


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