5 Reasons Millennials Should Fly Business and First Class

When you think of millennials traveling, the first image that comes to mind is budget backpacking. Sure, traveling around the world with just the bare essentials, slumming it on 36 hour bus rides and sleeping in airports is a romantic notion. We’ve been there and done that and it was fun. But thankfully for our sore backs, there is a new way for young people to travel the world. We can class up our trip without having to break the bank. And the best way to do that? Fly First or Business class!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Aren’t First and Business class flights just for the uber rich and fancy? More for the likes of Beyoncé than us young travelers? Not anymore! Now you can live it up in the luxury part of the plane like Queen Bey while still being able to afford, you know… the rest of your trip. Here’s why millennials will love traveling First and Business class.

woman on airplane

That sweet, sweet leg room

Economy seats are notoriously tiny. We’ve all done the ever so technical balancing of the water cup in your hand and Kindle on your knee while pushing up your tray table, like some sort of airplane circus act. Or what about gracefully squeezing your way to the bathroom, just to be knocked into your neighbor’s lap by unexpected turbulence? That’s one way to meet people 😉 Even the smallest travelers have to contort themselves into an uncomfortable shape just to fit their knees in. And if the person in front of you reclines their seat? Forget it!

We’ve all passed the luxury seats of First Class, daydreaming of what all that legroom must feel like, before shoving ourselves into the sardine can of coach seats. So why sacrifice the comfort of your joints when you can spread out in First Class? Have you seen the space they get? You can fit a small village in those seats. Some even recline into completely flat, ridiculously comfortable beds (so you can sleep like a real human!). We’ve all gotten so used to cramming ourselves into our tiny economy seats that we feel like being able to stretch our legs out is an extravagance. Repeat after me, you deserve leg room. YOU DESERVE LEG ROOM. In First and Business class you never have to worry about sore knees again.

The food

No one looks forward to airplane food. Least of all vegetarians who always gamble on whether the airline has remembered to supply a veggie plate. If you’re anything like us, you probably stock up on pricey snacks from the airport before boarding. Then you arrive at your destination starving and have to immediately binge on fast food as soon as you step off the plane. Luckily First and Business class takes airplane food to a whole new level. Forget choosing between cold chicken or overcooked beef, luxury class means having quality, healthy options that will fill you up. Plus dessert offerings often include sundaes and fresh baked cookies. All you need is a glass of champagne and you’ll be truly living the life of luxury.

Arriving refreshed

 Long flights are exhausting. Not only are you fighting jet lag, but you’ve just come off hours of travel with little sleep, cramped into a tiny seat. But imagine getting off a 14 hour flight feeling refreshed instead of completely drained. Ready to take in the sights of your destination city instead of taking a nap at your hotel. Often times you lose a day of your vacation just trying to rest from traveling. Flying First and Business class means being able to use that time to get straight into the action. This is especially important for young travelers who don’t want to miss out on a fun night out with friends, as well as millennial entrepreneurs who are traveling for work and need to arrive to meetings fresh and clear-headed.

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It’s actually affordable

So what’s stopping us from treating ourselves to some decent leg-room and luxury service? Honestly, First and Business class seem like a luxury only afforded to the super wealthy, too fancy for us young travelers. Luckily, you can actually find affordable flights that make First and Business class totally accessible to millennials. Ultimate Class Airfares is a site that offers luxury flights for up to 75% off the normal price! They specialize in discount and last-minute flights, getting you the most bang for your buck. So while your friends are in awe that you’re flying in First Class, you can kick back knowing you only paid a quarter of the price.

And if that isn’t enough – Ultimate Class Airfares is holding a contest right now (until 7/31/16) to give one traveler a $3,500 voucher for a Business Class ticket ANYWHERE in the world! So if discounted airfare wasn’t good enough, you may be able to fly for FREE. You’re welcome 🙂

The best customer service

Occasionally being a young traveler means getting snubbed by people in the travel industry who automatically assume we’re broke backpackers. Every once in a while it’s nice to get the customer service we deserve. Flying Business and First class means getting the royal treatment from the minute you book your ticket. The staff at Ultimate Class Airfares works directly with you to get the best discounts without sacrificing First Class luxury. You can scope out a free quote on the airfare for your next trip. A rep will be in touch with you to personally help you organize your trip and get the best value out of your plane ticket. Then, while you’re traveling, you’ll receive all the luxury service that comes with Business and First class flying!

So now you know that flying First and Business class can actually be affordable, you have no excuses to suffer in economy ever again! Grab your champagne and Louis V. luggage and live it up baby! Don’t forget to say hi to Beyoncé for us 😉

This post has been sponsored by Ultimate Class Airfares. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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